Nokia Lumia 530: Top 5 competitors

nokia lumia 520 top competitors

Nokia recently announced the Lumia 530 which is a successor to the Lumia 520 and 525. It has already been launched in various markets. This new device comes with the latest Microsoft operating system called the Windows Phone 8.1. The Windows Phone 8.1 is a considerable improvement over the previous generation of operating system. It comes with an improved interface and has got a lot more features like the Action Center and the smart digital voice assistant Cortana Continue Reading

A difficult choice: The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or The Samsung Galaxy note 3 ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or The Samsung Galaxy note 3

Weigh your options right: The new and the stylish Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the stunning and innovative Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , make your choices.
Like every Samsung phone release creating a pandemonium in the industry , Samsung Galaxy note 4 too follows its predecessors . With smart phones badgering the market almost daily , the dilemma all the more increases. This looks good , but this one has a better battery life. Or , this seems reasonable in price but that one has a bigger screen. Yeah , these questions cloud you too but we are there to help. Continue Reading

The Biggest Threat Faced by Google Right Now!

threat faced by google

What happens when you create something phenomenal and then you lose control over it? You end up seeing helplessly as your efforts are modified and used by everyone. This is the case with Google right now, as its operating system has been modified by various smartphone manufacturers and the company is slowly losing its grip overs its own creation. Continue Reading

How to Identify and Buy Authentic Refurbished Computer

refurbished computers

Everyone is considering buying a refurbished computer or laptop these days because of the amazing deals that are often provided for it. Just the fact that the system was returned (defect / mismatch of preference / misc. reasons), causes the price of the product to be lowered even though the parts are made completely functional during the refurbishing process. Continue Reading