Get Ready for Some of the Wackiest Pen-Drives in the Market Today!

Wackiest Pen-Drives
There is the weird segment and there is the completely-out-of-the-mind wacky segment! It seems that people have gotten bored with the functionality aspect of technology, and this is why they have started playing around with the designs and physical appeal… Continue Reading

Samsung Plans on Regaining Lost Market Share with Premium Materials and Hi-Res Smartphone Displays in Upcoming Smartphones

Upcoming Smartphones
With the advent of Upcoming Smartphones such as Micromax and Xiaomi, Samsung has lost a considerable chunk of its market share to the competition. The company has been trying its best to come out with innovative products in the premium… Continue Reading

Vaio to Release Its First Smartphone (Vaio Phone VA-10) on 20th March

Vaio Phone VA-10
Sony Vaio Corporation is known for its amazing line of laptops that still deliver high performance. The company decided to leave the laptop business in 2014 and following this decision, the Vaio unit of the company was sold off to… Continue Reading

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Data Consumption in Your Smartphone

Reduce Data Consumption in Your Smartphone
The risk of data overuse and bill shock is a very real occurrence wherein smartphone users are on the lookout for ways to Reduce Data Consumption for their smartphones. Usually users are exposed to increased bills and faster consumption of data… Continue Reading