Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear [Part 2: Featured Apps]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear

Apps are the most crucial components for the entire range of Samsung Gear and they really make the device come alive. Without them, it would have been just another digital watch device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear has some amazing apps and the best part about the OS is that you can even play Candy Crush on it (if you can manage to move those tiny candies). Continue Reading

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear [Part 1: Features and Specs]

Gear for Note 3

With rapid development in full swing for coming up with Smart Watches, Samsung has come up with own range of Gear which is targeted at specific applications and is also coupled with certain devices for the best results. In keeping with this approach, the company has come out with a dedicated gear for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Continue Reading

Sony’s Walkman NWZ-ZX1 Keeps the Walkman Brand Alive

Sony’s Walkman NWZ-ZX1

Of late, there has been a massive surge in portable / mobile entertainment devices which comprise entertainment oriented smartphones, tablets, phablets, and the popular iPods. However, this has not lessened the spirit for Sony which still believes that an audiophile player market is still in existence. Continue Reading

Samsung’s Flagship Smartphone, Galaxy S5, is Now Equipped with 4G

Samsung Galaxy S5

Ever since the 4G spectrum was introduced in Indian metros, people have been looking forward to the integration of the 4G facility on smartphones. It seems that Samsung has understood the demands of the customers and in response to the rising requests for 4G enabled handsets, the company has come out with a 4G version for its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5. As per sources, the new model would prove to be rather expensive with a price tag of Rs 53,500. Continue Reading