10 Best Father’s Day Gadget and other Gift Ideas

10 Best Father’s Day Gadget and other Gift Ideas

We all love our dads and are surely planning to surprise him with something special this Father’s Day but are confused with what will he like. To remove this confusion we have selected 10 type of Father’s Day Gift that will surely make your dad’s day.

1. August SE50 Bluetooth Speaker System with FM Radio

August SE50 Bluetooth Speaker System with FM Radio - Father’s Day

For the dads who love music

If you father loves music then this the gift he must get this Father’s Day. Remarkable sound, retro looks and bluetooth connectivity makes this device a must have. The plastic cabinet that looks like wooden is really durable and easy to handle. This speaker system even has 3.5 mm AUX In for phones that don’t have bluetooth. The best thing about this device is the amazingly excellent sound quality it delivers which is richly balanced.

Price: $54.95

2. Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player - Father’s Day

For the dads who love to watch TV

Google Chromecast is a great and easy to use streaming device for your HD Television. Your dad can enjoy all sorts of online content like videos, photos directly on your television. Just plug this device to your TV and control it using your exisiting smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can even access some online streaming stores with this device.Your dad will love this device and will enjoy using it everyday.

Price: $31.89

3. GoPro HERO3+: Silver Edition

GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition - Father’s Day

For the dads who love to capture videos

The gift if your father loves to capture those unforgettable moments. But this is no normal video camera it is an action camera that makes it really useful in action. It tiny but damn powerful, capable of delivering full HD videos at 60 frames per second. GoPro even provides some attachments and mounts which you can purchase separately to capture more action at extreme levels. It has a really wide angle lens but doesn’t offer manual settings. This camera can be used in different situations like underwater, aerial photography, cycling etc.

Price: $299.99

4. Kammok Roo Hammock

Kammok Roo Hammock - Father’s Day

If your dad is the one who always craves for adventure treks then Kammok Roo Hammock will be a true delight for him. Made from superior material and good quality stitching makes this hammock a truly durable one. This hammok even had a water resistant pouch and when compresses it shrinks down to the size of a shoe box. Next time your dad is on an adventure trip he will truly love your for gifting him this.

Price: $99

5. Poler Men’s Rolltop Pack

Poler Men's Rolltop Pack - Father’s Day

For the dads who love to carry it with style

Stylish, cool and great quality are three words that define this bag well. Your dad won’t look less cool than a stud if he has this bag. This well designed bag is really easy to carry and is spacious too. Great material and high quality of zips ensure that this cool bag lasts for long. Gift this to your dad and you will see a new sense of confidence in him when he carries this bag.

Price: $60.93

6. Wilde Screw Driver

Wilde Screw Driver - Father’s Day

For the dads who love to Fix Things

This may seem a bit different but there are fathers you love to fix broken things. This can be a really productive gift to your father. This screwdriver has attachments that are made from extremely strong materials. Your father would really love to repair the old broken furniture and give it a new look.

Price: $20.02

7. SKLZ Gold Flex Strength And Tempo Trainer

SKLZ Gold Flex Strength And Tempo Trainer - Father’s Day

For the dads who love golf

This is one thing that all fathers would love because all fathers love Golf. It helps in training and warm up to flex your core muscles for the necessary swing. It can be used frequently will help your dad achieve the perfect swing so that he can win the next game.

Price: $49.99 – $215.00

8. JBL Clip+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Clip+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Father’s Day

For the dads who love music on the go

Now this is something really new with speakers, you can clip this speaker to your clothes, bag. This speaker is small but delivers smoothly with rich sound quality. JBL designed it smartly with rubber base to neutralize vibrations. Your dad would love it because of its size and the reason it is splashproof.

Price: $49.95

9. Chef’s Star Juicer

Chef's Star Juicer - Father’s Day

For the dads who love healthy

A gift that shows that you really care about your dad’s health. This juicer will ensure that your dad gathers all the nutrients required. It is a powerful juicer which is easy to use and capable of juicing hard vegetables like carrot as well. It is dish washer safe so you father doesn’t need to take the pain of washing this juicer.

Price: $49.99

10. Cocoon Grid It

Cocoon Grid It - Father’s Day

For the dads who love things organized

You know that your father is tired of taking care of those tiny troubling cables and accessories that come with various gadgets. Grid It is a great utility to neatly organize them and keep them safe. Your dad won’t complaint again of lost cables if he has the grid it. It has a place for almost all the gadgets and their accessories.

Price: $8.95

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