3 Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Your Computer For Free

3 Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Your Computer For Free

Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Your Computer

Our computers tend to slow down after few years of use and become a pain when we are doing some important work on it. There may be many reasons because of which your computer doesn’t deliver the optimum performance. We came across some easy practices and methods by which we can improve the performance. Summarising them all we have made a list of “3 Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Your Computer”.

1. Uninstall Unecessary Programs:-

Uninstall Unecessary Programs

Steps to Uninstall a Program:-

Step 1 – Click Start Button, you will find Control Panel
Step 2 – Click on Control Panel, you will find Programs
Step 3 – Open programs, you will see all the programs installed in your computer
Step 4 – Select a program you want to uninstall and right click on it
Step 5 – Click on uninstall
Step 6 – Don’t uninstall other programs till your selected programs isn’t removed completely

It is always advisable to uninstall programs that are of no use because they unecessarily use lot of our system’s memory causing our Computer to hang. Some programs are also heavy and are not recommended for the systems that we use at home as they may require a computer with better configuration.

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2. Delete Unwanted files:-

Delete Unwanted files

Steps for Disk Clean Up:-

Step 1 – Click on Start Button, search for disk clean up in search column.
Step 2 – Click on disk clean up and select the drive which you want to clean
Step 3 – Select the checkboxes of the type of files which you want to delete
Step 4 – In the message that appears click delete files

Third party softwares:- CCleaner, Disk Cleaner

You can use disk clean up or any other thrid party to delete unwated files like temporaray files, logs, program installers to ease up your computer. Your computer will be free of the unwanted loaded and the memory will be used for useful files.

3. Stop or close all background processes

Stop or close all background processes

Steps to stop backgorund Programs:-

Step 1 – Click on Start Button, search for run and click on it.
Step 2 – In the search box type “MSCONFIG” and click OK.
Step 3 – Click on the start up tab and uncheck the boxes of the programs you want to disable.
Step 4 – Click on disable

There are some programs that start running automatically regardless of our comman to start them. These programs though may use very little memory but when collectively used do affect the system’s memory. It in necessary to close them.

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