3 Ways to Grab More Eyeballs for Your Website

3 Ways to Grab More Eyeballs for Your Website

Now that you have a live website under your credentials, you must be looking to make it reach the farthest corners of the Internet. After all, the point of starting a website was to create an online presence that makes way for better, bigger communication between your brand and your customers.

Eyeballs for Your Website

3 Ways to Grab More Eyeballs for Your Website

While that’s easier said than done, there are ways you can power your website to get past the intense competition and reach out to the readers who are seeking information you are providing. The growing clamor on the Internet has lead to influx of a sea of strategies by brands to help them create a noise in the market and make themselves heard. While the intention Is clear, they often miss out when it comes to delivering the right strategy in the right manner. Eyeballs for Your Website But, it’s not all about marketing. Even the content on your website matters, and dictates your online marketing approach.

Create a Website That Aims For a Precise Audience

Create a Website That Aims For a Precise Audience

There is no dearth of websites which would have just about a piece of everything uploaded on them. Be it movies, politics, health, poetry, they do not leave a territory unexplored. Running this sort of a website is alright if you represent a news agency. But when you are just a blog which offers some interesting articles to read, make sure you include 2-3 genre. If your website is centered on Entertainment, do not branch out to politics. And when you post articles around politics mostly, do not post romantic poems. Having a confused blog will not take you far, as your audience will think of it as just a clumsy website.

Acquaint Yourself With Right Online Marketing Approach

Social Media Blogging SEO

Marketing endeavor to social media, if you don’t have time for things like email marketing, guest posts, etc. But once you decide you are going to focus all your energies towards social media, make it count. Start a Facebook and Twitter page for your website, to begin with. And start posting relevant, and at the same time, interesting-enough updates on it. Look for what’s trending, and if you have something on your website that can be promoted to cash in on that trend, share that on the page.

Seed the Website Content on forums and Social Media Groups




Having a Social Media page is not the full utilization of the social media platform. Apart from that, start bookmarking your articles as well. Look for the Facebook and Linked In groups you can market your website on, and join those groups. As and when you publish a post that is in sync with the group and you deem it worthy to be shared there, go ahead with it. It will help your website to gain some relevant visitors. Also, the Facebook pages are indexed by Google. If you share your posts there, the organic visitor meter might see an upward swing.Eyeballs for Your Website.

One you have our marketing strategy in order, the results won’t take a lot of time to show.

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