How 3D Printing Will Change The World

How 3D Printing Will Change The World

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing is an innovative approach to traditional prototype manufacturing. Some consider it as a fad while some find it highly productive. With many big brands utilizing the 3D printing, it is emerging as a technology that has numerous possibilities in future. The process involves manufacturing several three dimensional material from its digital designs. Here is how 3D printing will change the world:

1. Faster results

3D printing has the ability to entirely change the way of outgoing methods used in manufacturing by providing quick results. It takes weeks for a traditional prototype manufacturing to produce products, because it requires involvement of numerous people and tools to produce trial products of your designs. It can make you wait for weeks to see the final product. In 3D printing, once the design is ready and is sent for printing, it does not require manual attention. It takes just a few hours to create a sample of your designs and reduces the waiting time. Therefore, it makes your product first in the market and helps in winning business.

 2. Less waste

Waste is something that every manufacturing unit is concerned of. With 3D printing there is considerable reduction in waste, which makes it one of the best technologies in manufacturing sector. In traditional manufacturing, the product is carved from a large chunk of raw material, where the rest of the raw material gets wasted. 3D printing makes the product layer by layer using the exact amount of raw material required by it. Therefore, it reduces waste to a greater extent and saves money. Replacement parts can be repaired easily so that it does not need to be discarded completely. It can also aid in creating products and designs from trash that usually gets wasted.

3. Reduced cost

3D printing is an economical way to produce goods. It effectively reduces the cost of manufacturing laying a direct impact on the lives of low income group. 3D printing may use contour crafting to manufacture a house that involves low cost. This can be highly beneficial for the underprivileged as they can easily afford a house under such housing plans. Apart from this, printing design right in your office or house on-demand saves a lot of time and money otherwise spent on visiting a store to buy the product.

4. Customization

With additive manufacturing, there is perhaps no limit in customization. If you are about to begin a startup business, you do not have to fill your warehouse with goods for your customers to choose from. You may take the orders according to one’s preference and print the exact product without too much waiting. If you own a 3D printing machine at home or in your company, you may add and reduce features of a particular product as per your preference. This makes it much easier to customize your goods without spending huge money on manufacturing set-ups.

5. Increased creativity

3D printing may help you explore your creativity and bring it to reality in lesser efforts. You may design your goods just as you imagine it to be. You can print anything like phone cases, jewelry, vases, shoes and all the accessories that you can think of. This makes your products innovative and unique. Such features are perhaps impossible with traditional manufacturing. You may also modify the final product again according to your need in an easy way.

6. Better quality

No doubt, the 3D printing models are better in quality than those products manufactured by old methods. Since the model is manufactured layer by layer, there are lesser chances of faults. This makes it less prone to damage or breakage during use, which is not possible with the outgoing methods of manufacturing where you are likely to invest more money to personalize your goods with a high risk of damage and waste involved during its production.

In a nutshell, 3D printing can change the world in many ways, the eco-friendly technique is not only good for the environment, but it brings in innovative designs at a reduced cost and less raw material. This makes it highly economical for almost anyone. Moreover, the formation of numerous shapes and structure through a single 3D printing machine is beyond comparison with traditional manufacturing that requires large set-ups and machines to generate even very small parts. 3D printing also needs less human resource as well as time to produce your products with minimum faults and high durability.

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