5 Features of Your Android Phone That Probably You Don’t Know

5 Features of Your Android Phone That Probably You Don’t Know

There was a time when we had very limited features on our phones. Yes, that was the time when feature phones were at the peak. Slowly and gradually, the technology evolved and our phones got updated. There were a lot of new things which were introduced, making them much more complicated. Although, we didn’t leave any stone unturned to explore the phones and today even a kindergarten kid knows more than a grown adult about smartphones.

Well, still there are many features in our Android phones that we still are not aware of. Here we have enlisted a few such hidden features of your smartphone that you would love to know about.



Something which is really missed working on a smartphone is the multiple window option. Although, now it is very much possible to work on multiple windows even on a smartphone. All Android Nougat phones come with the feature of multi-window. Simple open one of the apps you want to work on. Long press the overview button (square button). The already opened app would cover the top half of the phone’s screen and the bottom half would show recently opened apps, from which you can choose any app you want to simultaneously work on.

Developer Mode

Developer Mode

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Apart from the regular features in your phone, there are other amazing features (like changing the layout, on-screen CPU usage display, on-screen graphic usage display etc.) also, although they are hidden and only could be unleashed when you use the developer mode. To activate the developer mode, all you need to do is enter ‘settings’, tap ‘about phone’ finally tap 7 times on the model number that gets displayed there. Voila!

Automatic Unlocking at Trusted Places

Automatic unlocking at trusted places

Just like us, not all the places is trusted for our phones too. Just like our homes and offices are safer places as compared to other places, they are also trusted for our phones and here you might like to keep your phones unlocked. There is a feature called ‘smart lock’ in Android 5 and above OS, that enables you to keep your phone unlocked at familiar and trusted places.

Spot Your Phone Even If It Is In Silent Mode

Spot your phone even if it is on silent mode

One of the worst things that could happen to you is switching your phone to silent mode and not finding it. To spot your phone in such a situation is possible with Android device manager. Just browse the keywords- ‘search my phone through Android device manager’. You would be asked to enter your Google ID (enter the ID which your smartphone is synced with). There would be 3 options that you could see- ring, lock and erase.

Restricting Calls And Messages

Call and sms blocker

Android 5 and above has a great feature to allow you to choose from your contacts who can send you text messages and who can call you. To do this, you need to go to ‘settings’ and select ‘sound and notification’ and then tap ‘interruptions’. An option would pop up- ‘calls/texts from’, and from here you could prioritize your contacts.

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