5 Things Your Google Assistant Would Make Easier

5 Things Your Google Assistant Would Make Easier

The onset of 2010’s saw another revolutionizing technology with Siri— the introduction of the personal assistant by Apple for its various platforms. What followed through the decade has laid the first-ever applications of A.I. With subsequent release of Alexa (Amazon), Google Assistant (Android) and Cortana (Windows), today these personal assistants are rapidly becoming an integral and irremovable part of our lives.

More than 85% (2017-Qtr 2) of the market share is captured by Android and that makes Google Assistant, to be available to the biggest base of users. Google Assistant was initially Google Now, which was a feature of Google Search and offered predictive cards for the searches made. Google evolved this feature into a full-fledged personal assistant—Google Assistant which engages in a 2-way conversation and is available with every Android-based phone now.

If you haven’t yet tried it on your phone, here are some amazing things that Google Assistant could do for you.

Unlocking Your Phone


There is a constant evolution of securing the smartphones; PIN, Pattern, finger scan and now voice command. Yes, Google Assistant you could unlock your Android phone with your voice. All you need to do it register your voice command with ‘trusted voice’ in ‘OK Google detection’.

Opening Apps

Opening Apps

There are many things through a day when we just cannot hold our smartphones to see important notifications, the most common being—driving. To open an app you just need to say- “OK Google, open…” and you are there.

Getting Advice

Getting Advice

You are out and you want to eat or probably shop, but you don’t have any idea where to go. Ask Google Assistant “Show me nearby…” and you would get a list of places to go.

Reading The News

Reading News

Reading news is something which requires all of our attention and there are times in a day, we cannot give that kind of attention. How about being the news read to you? Google Assistant would read all the news to you on your command- “OK Google, what the news today”. And it is not about any random source of the news, you could customize your news feed in the settings.

Setting Reminders

Setting Reminder

Probably the best thing about Google Assistant is setting reminders. You can set reminders for the day, week even year. All the reminders would be read out to you when you say- “OK Google, how my day looks like?”

There are lot many things that the Google Assistant could do. All you need to do is explore it.

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