7 Reasons Why Investing in a Windows Tablet is Better than Buying a Laptop

7 Reasons Why Investing in a Windows Tablet is Better than Buying a Laptop

Still pondering over buying a laptop or a tablet? Well, seeing that most tablets offer convenient multitasking and entertainment options, it would be an obvious choice to go for tablets. However, it takes more conviction to actually strengthen the choice of going for a tablet. After all, laptops do have their fair share of advantages which include CD/DVD drive, bigger display, better usability and more processing power. But these features do come at a cost.

Here are 7 reasons why you should definitely go for a windows tablet than opting for a laptop.

Tablets Are Immensely Portable

No matter how much you debate on the portability of laptops, it won’t come close to the portability that a tablet offers. If you have a large enough pocket then it can fit in easily, and if you have a jacket, then it should not be too much trouble to carry it around.

You Can Use A Lot of Windows Features on the Tablet Too

If you are choosing a laptop only for the Windows OS, then do consider checking out the Windows Tablets as you get a lot of the features on this device as well. You can even install some legacy Windows programs on the tablets. However, the extensive list of apps on the play store would ensure that you won’t have to miss the features and programs of Windows.

Tablets Offer Dual Usage 

Windows tablets have the ability to be used singlehandedly like any other tablet device, and they can also be converted into a laptop by adding a mouse and portable keyboard to it. This dual feature gives you the power to get the benefits of both laptops and tablets by investing in a single device. How cool is that?

Tablets Can Be Used in Any Orientation

Tablets are integrated with accelerometers which change the orientation of the display in accordance with the orientation of the tablet. If you move the tablet in a horizontal position, then the display would change to fit a landscape view. Similarly, if you move it in a vertical position, then it would change to a portrait view. And this can happen in any direction.

It’s Easy to Connect to a Larger Display 

Tablets can be easily connected to larger displays with the use of HDMI ports that allows better exchange of signals without compromising on the quality of the output. So whenever you need a bigger display, for example while making a presentation in office or watching a movie at home, then you can connect your tablet and enjoy bigger display.

You Get Good Connectivity Features on Tablets These Days

You Get Good Connectivity Features on Tablets These Days3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a load of other features are now available on the tablet. So you wont be missing out on connectivity features if you invest in one. Moreover, you get 3G and calling facilities on a tablet, both of which are not feasible on a laptop unless you have some form of connectivity solutions for it.

No More Lengthy and Bulky Chargers 

With laptops, you have to deal with a lot of bulk and length (contributed by the charger). However, with tablets, you only need to carry a thin cable with micro-USB slots. These reduce the requirements for carrying around bulky and entangled chargers which not only need a lot of time to entangle, but can also get rather frustrating to manage.

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