8 Latest Android Apps to Check Out

8 Latest Android Apps to Check Out

Here are the 8latest free Android Apps worth checking out.

  • Google Keep  

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Attracting plenty of attraction Google Keep is a transparent attempt to compete with Evernote, the cloud-memory service. Store voice notes, photos, text and other data on Google’s server for later references and access them from web browsers.

  • Sky Movies

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BSkyB’s Sky Movies app lets you see what movies are available on the Sky Movies channel and company’s download store.

  • UP by Jawbone

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A fitness gadget to track your activity and sleep patterns, Jawbone’s UP wristband is available on Android enabling the users to log their eating and drinking and see what others are up to.

  • Doodle Jump

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The original game has been replaced by with the version of developer Lima Sky. The addictive game involves jumping up a sheet of graph paper avoiding enemies and big drops.

  • Al Jazeera English for Tablets

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Already on a smartphone app for its English language service, News and current affairs channel Al Jazeera is now available as a separate Tablet version.

  • Mini Golf Match-up

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The mini golf game has been downloaded by hundreds of people since it got released. Challenge Facebook friends and brag about your golfing skills on Twitter while playing 70 holes over five courses.

  • Astraware Crosswords

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Hugely popular in print media now’s the turn of crosswords to make it big in the app world. The game offers 45 crossword puzzles and three difficulty levels.

  • Traxsource


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Download underground dance music for DJ’s, clubbers and music lovers and discover that lies beyond the mainstream.


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