AirBar Let’s You Convert Your Laptop into a Touchscreen Device for Just $49

AirBar Let’s You Convert Your Laptop into a Touchscreen Device for Just $49

In this world of ever evolving technology, many incredible gadgets and accessories have been introduced, which helped us to make our life much easier. Neonode’s AirBar is just another example of this evolution. AirBar is the latest plug and play accessory which turns your laptop into a complete touchscreen laptop.

Ever since Microsoft introduced the finger friendly features with the Windows 8 operating system, every computer accessory manufacturer has been trying to find one or the other way to add touchscreen capabilities to the non-touchscreen displays. But every “solution” either lacked in functionality or was just overpriced.

Well, these days a lot of laptop manufacturers have moved towards touchscreen technology for their devices. It is certainly good to have this functionality for all the mundane tasks. It just adds a whole new level of convenience and user experience that already exists for convertibles (laptop-tablet hybrids). If your laptop does not already have the touchscreen technology built-in, you are obviously losing out on a lot of cool stuff. Neonode’s AirBar provides an affordable and a highly convenient solution for turning practically any laptop display into a touch interface without any modifications at all.

How It Works?

How It Works - AirBar

“Imagine taking a non-touch PC, and within seconds making it a touch interactive device. Our sensor does not require installation of new drivers or lengthy instructions. The user simply connects AirBar and can then start to interact with the display immediately – it´s Plug and Touch. Compared with today’s PCs with built in touchscreens the AirBar sensor keeps your high quality matte display glare free and without greasy finger prints,” said Remo Behdasht, SVP Business Development at Neonode.

The Neonode AirBar is a slim sensor strip that magnetically attaches to the bottom bezel of your laptop display and connects via USB. As soon as it is hooked with the laptop, the device projects an ‘invisible light’ across the screen for tracking the movements and gestures which are translated into corresponding inputs.

Since the AirBar uses light to track gestures you can poke, pinch, zoom, swipe and scroll around with your hand the way you would on a touchscreen PC or your smartphone. It even detects gestures made while wearing gloves, using paintbrushes and long fingernails.


Requirements - AirBar

Neonode calls it as a plug and play device, which means it does not need any additional drivers for computers running Windows and ChromeOS. This device only interacts with Windows 7,8,10 and Chromebook. The AirBar has a very limited functionality on OS X so MacBook users will have to wait for some updates that should probably roll out soon enough.

Major AirBar Features

  • Converts a non-touchscreen laptop into a touchscreen device.
  • No manuals, No procedures, just Plug-and-Play.
  • Low power consumption Budget-friendly device.
  • Detects finger movements and gestures along with gloved hand gestures, paintbrush movements, etc.
  • Supports all Windows OS gestures.
  • Does not require any additional drivers.

The AirBar is now available in four different sizes of at the same retail price of $49. You can preorder the sensor on AirBar website right now. According to a recent press release of Neonode Inc. the AirBar 15.6 inch version is going to be available at for an introductory price of $49.

Key Specs

Size: 11.6 inches, 13.3 inches, 14 inches, 15.6 inches

Color: Matte Black

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8 and 10, Chromebook, limited functionality on OS X

Price: $49 (Approx Rs. 3250 in India)

Check out the video below to see the product in action.

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