Amazing iOS 9 Features and Concept That You Should Not Miss [Infographics]

Amazing iOS 9 Features and Concept That You Should Not Miss [Infographics]

Apple has launched the beta version of iOS 9 (the latest version of iOS) for public use on July 10. The iOS 9 concept offers some great features such as advancement in Siri app, Carply etc.

However, the company hasn’t declared the official launch date of iOS 9 yet, but we can hope that it will be released in September 2015. For now, you can use the beta version of iOS 9, if you dislike something or find out any error then you can inform Apple so that can rectify them.

Lets find out two awesome iOS 9 features.

Transit Direction Information

According to an iOS 9 review, more effective transit direction have been added to Apple maps. Initially, it will be available in some selected cities like London, New York City, Mexico City, San Francisco, Toronto etc. Later it will be available in more cities throughout the world. With this transit direction option you can look for train routs, bus routes, different alternative ways to reach to a place etc.

Notes App Has Gotten Better

We all take notes in our iPhone or iPad, and Apple knows the significance of this application. Thus, the notes app has gotten better in iOS 9, it now offers various functionalities like adding images, creating checklist as well as drawing with your finger through a scribble pad.

The fresh version of iOS 9 is full of several advanced features that you can reveal in the iOS 9 infographic which is created by Nine Hertz – An iOS app development firm.

iOS 9 Features Infographic

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