Android 4.4 KitKat Update Brought A Bundle of Issues for the Moto G Smartphone

Android 4.4 KitKat Update Brought A Bundle of Issues for the Moto G Smartphone

Well it seems that Android KitKat is not working out for every phone. There have been reports about issues that had been introduced once the OS was updated to the latest version. HTC and Motorola are some of the brands where the update has brought in more issues than resolutions.

For instance, when Motorola had released the KitKat 4.4.2 update in India some months back, a lot of issues were reported within the first week of updating the OS. The SIM Card detection issue was reported by one user (who also shared a list of problems being faced by him after the update) and soon similar issues began springing up.

Motorola’s Moto G Forum

(Issues Reported by User on Motorola’s Moto G Forum)

Other issues were related to call drops, issues with the connection, errors in the popups, and problems concerning the “Airplane Mode”. The phone reported lost its signal frequently as the Airplane Mode was shown as being activated even when the user had not done so. This proved to be very frustrating as important calls and mails were being missed which were of paramount importance to people involved in business activities or important work.

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You may feel that these problems are mainly related to Dual SIM variants but even mono SIM devices are facing these issues. The number of malfunctioning features keeps increasing with the latest complaint being related to error being received on turning the camera on and auto-disabling of the USB OTG function.

Maybe Motorola’s move to come out with the update to gain competitive leverage backfired. Instead of delivering enhanced camera, improved interface, prolonged battery life and several bug fixes, the update has aggravated the problems even further. Some people feel that the phone would have done much better without the update as it was a complete disaster.

Excessive “Battery Drain” is said to be the primary concern of Moto G owners at the moment. When the root of the problem was explored, it was found that the excessive battery drain was happening due to the camera based applications such as Skype which continued to run in the background even when they were not in use. The only immediate resolution which was feasible was to urge the users to uninstall all applications that made use of the camera and this included Skype. This was suggested as a quick fix measure and was not a long term solution.

Now the biggest challenge that was faced by Google was the lack of compliance of the users to remove the apps. There is a sizable group of users who need to use the camera based applications, such as Skype, rather frequently and they were willing to put up with the battery drain. Even though Google has suggested the removal of the Skype App, it was not pretty sure that it was contributing to the problems. But in such a situation, the company felt it best to leave the decision on the users with respect to uninstalling the apps.

Google has released Android KitKat 4.4.3 as a means to resolve the errors and fix the bugs which were reported for KitKat 4.4.2. The update should provide some relief to those who have been bugged by the KitKat update. So if you have not yet moved to the new OS version, you should definitely do it now to avoid further issues.

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