Exceptionally Reliable Antivirus Android Apps With Anti-Theft and  Features

Exceptionally Reliable Antivirus Android Apps With Anti-Theft and Features

The ballastic rate at which heists are made in the android landscape can (and should) make us, the android users, head straight to press our panic buttons. And with the android popularity only heading north, the threats are headed in the same direction – they are bound to only multiply with time. And this begs the question – how important is installing security apps in our android phones? The answer is “critically important”.

Unless we wish to bank on the assumption, “Why would a hacker choose my phone of all” – which is a dangerous assumption by the way – there are more than a bunch of reasons rooting for the need to install security apps on our Smartphones.

Now, when you have planned to avail Android Developer for Hire or you are still scrolling among the sea of options at your behest, in your endeavor to choosing the most reliable security apps, there is ought to be confusion. The app market is filled with free apps that are close to being absolutely futile. Not only they serve the purpose, some of these apps make our phones even more susceptible to the hacking attacks.

Anti-Theft and Antivirus Android Apps

So, gliding past the fluff available in the market, here are 4 android security apps:

Avast! Mobile Security

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must have already heard of Avast. It happens to be the most sought-after antivirus software among the desktop users, and it does not disappoint on the mobile-front either. The Avast app elevates the security standards of your mobile phone in a manner most reliable and bona fide. It has a reliably excellent array of tools for your consideration and the versatility is really assuring, to say the least.

The anti-theft capability of Avast is hard to match and gives you the wherewithal to remote control your phone. The underlying purpose of this feature is to help you locate your phone easily if you happen to lose it. In addition to that, you can also lock your phone, lock the SIM card and make it inaccessible via the USB connection.

Antivirus & Mobile Security

The app stays true to its name and equips your phone with a strong core that is pretty much impenetrable for the hackers. The app has robust anti-virus as well as the anti-malware features

which protect your phone at all times. For those who are wary about accessing the web as it might leave their phone exposed to hackers, this app also offers safe and secure browsing by packing in several valuable features together. It also lets you create backups. But a feature that stands out in this app is the Candid Camera Thief ID, which captures the thief’s picture and well, you know the drill.

360 Security

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As the name suggests, the 360 Security inroduced by a renowned Android Apps Development Company proves an all-round security. The application keeps things fuss free and fairly simple. It happens to be one of the leading Chinese brands in this arena and offers an impressive range of features. The app does a thorough scan of your mobile phone to detect threats hiding at the most intricate of locations. It also comes without any ads and does a darn good job of removing the clutter left by the apps that you uninstalled in the past, but left some residue behind – which otherwise was hampering the phone speed. The app gets rid of the corrupted files with a great accuracy and it is also equipped with a data monitor that is intrinsically built to guard the phone.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET is another one of those security solution that has grabbed a top spot among the desktop users, when it comes to installing a reliable anti-virus solution. And now it has branched out to Smartphones quite welcomingly. ESET ranks among the best apps for android phones, riding on its exquisite set of capabilities that don’t let a potential threat go unnoticed. It facilitates real time scan of the new software and apps you install to make sure that they don’t contain any malware or a malicious code that can make your phone vulnerable to hacking attacks. The anti-theft feature includes the remote-control ability that lets you lock your phone if and when you lose it. It makes sure that no one unauthorized manages to install any malicious apps.

The a fore-mentioned 4 apps do take the security aspect of your Smartphone several notches higher. While there are more such apps out there, going with one of these will add a greater sense of structure to the security facet of your phone and thus are the Anti-Theft and Antivirus Android Apps.

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