Apple Finally Unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Yesterday: Let’s See What It Offers

Apple Finally Unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Yesterday: Let’s See What It Offers

Yes! The highly anticipated iPhone 6 has been unveiled at the conference yesterday (held at Flint Center) with the entire world getting a glimpse of the efforts that the developers have been providing for the new phone. The first thing that you notice when you see the device is that it is definitely bigger in all senses – bigger size-, more features and greater value. This is quite unlike the speculations and rumours that had been going around in the market.

Moreover, to everyone’s surprise, Apple introduced the “iPhone 6 Plus” which has a bigger screen and size than the iPhone 6 and is a strategic answer to all those critics who were speculating about size increments for the iPhone. Is size the only factor which was enhanced? Apparently not. As far as Apple is concerned, it invests heavily on its R&D and this is evident in the whole new user experience created in its 6th instalment for the iPhone series. The device has definitely metamorphosed into a masterpiece of art and science from the revolutionary design that it started out with.

New Additions

Apple has seriously done some major overhauling starting with the overall form factor to the brilliant next gen display. The features are now more user oriented and the developers have optimized the UI for making maximum utilization of the bigger screen size. Here are some of the major upgrades that the device received in its 6th iteration.


Design of iphone 6


Smartphone manufacturers have experimented with various designs and builds, but no one has come close to achieving perfect unison of hardware and software up till now. Apple has redesigned the iPhone 6 from scratch and the end product is a dramatically thinner design with a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the screen. While the iPhone 6 is 6.9 mm thick, the iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1 mm thick. This continuous form factor not only provides a premium feel, but also gives a comfortable grip.


Display of iphone 6


The display has been reworked to the point that it now comprise a glass screen with Retina HD Display technology (the next generation of the highly popular Retina Display). The colours on both devices are absolutely rich, stunning and nothing short of brilliance with higher contrasts and wider viewing angles. The iPhone 6 has a resolution of 1334 x 150 pixels while the iPhone 6 Plus has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. These are definitely amongst the highest resolutions to exist for smartphones today.


Performance of iphone 6


The new iPhone features an insanely fast A8 chip with 64 bit architecture and a M8 motion compressor which delivers the best performance in its class. The advanced motion compressor efficiently obtains data from advanced sensors and an all new barometer that have been integrated into the device.

The A8 processor allows you to play graphics-intensive games or enjoy video at higher frame rates for longer than ever.

Power Efficiency

power effeciency iphoen 6


The processor uses an advanced 20 nanometre process which is not only small but it manages to attain high efficiency levels due to the integration of 2 billion transistors. This makes it immensely power efficient (almost 50 times more efficient than the A7 processor).


iphone 6 camera


The iPhone 6 features an iSight camera that uses a proprietary video encoder and image signal processor (built onto the A8 chip). This allows the device to support advanced imaging and video features such as continuous auto-focus, improved face detection, focus pixels, and others. The camera is a 8 MP image capturing unit with a f/22 aperture and it supports 1.5µ pixels. It is also equipped with a True Tone Flash for better image quality even in dimly lit areas.

With respect to the video recording capabilities, the iPhone 6 introduces video recording at 1080 HD resolutions with 60 fps speed for seamless videos. Moreover, the device also supports slo-mo recording at 240 fps and time lapse video. This should satisfy even the most demanding amateur videographer / videography enthusiast.


connectivity iphone 6


The iPhone 6 is designed to satiate the demands of the users with respect to faster connectivity. The device supports more advanced wireless technologies which not only helps to boost the overall performance, but also helps in establishing better connections. It has more LTE bands (upto 20 LTE bands) than any other smartphone in the market, and due to this, it has faster LTE download speeds (upto 150 MBps).

The device also supports VoLTE that provides wideband high-quality calls which allow you to have crisp and clear conversations. This is the next best thing to speaking in person. The best part about this integration is that it does not hamper other downloads or browsing even when the call is connected.

The iPhone 6 supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and the cool thing about this new integration is that it offers 3 times the speeds of the current 802.11n Wi-Fi. This is great for supporting seamless connectivity and proves to be really handy when switching Wi-Fi networks. The switch is barely noticeable and there would not be any lag in the performance.


Security iphone 6


Apple has come up with a revolutionary Touch ID technology that allows you to access your iPhone with the most unique and safest key – your fingerprints. It just doesn’t end there. This security measure can be used for authenticating and approving purchases from various locations without having to provide your password.

The home button may appear to be a simple input device, but the stainless steel ring serves a greater purpose than mere aesthetic appeal. This ring detects your finger which activates the laser–cut sapphire crystal surface and this sends the image of your finger to the sensor. The sensor then carefully analyses the ridges that appear in the outer layer of your skin and the pattern is checked by the software, thereby authenticating the access.


payment iphone 6


The iPhone 6 has a digital wallet that where you can connect your debit /credit card and then use a password-authenticated process to make payments. Moreover, the phone supports NFC so you can wave it in front of the reader and your transaction would be made. It is as simple as this.

If you do not want to enter the password for every purchase, just authenticate the transaction with Touch ID where you only need to scan your finger over the home button. The setup of this app is pretty simple and it has some of the most advanced security measures which makes all of your transactions secure. This is further assured by the fact that Apple would never save any information related to your transactions.

Operating System

ios iphone 6


It is but obvious that Apple would use the latest iOS, the iOS 8, for its new iPhone. The iOS 8 is the most advanced operating system in the world today. It not only ensure seamless functioning of all the components, but it also provides the best experience for the bigger display.

You can leverage the OS by selecting from over a million apps in the App Store and creating your own special experience. The best part about these apps are that they have been designed exclusively for the iPhone and all of these apps have been passed through stringent QA tests before being published in the store. Moreover, the iOS 8 allows you to sync your Apple devices seamlessly where you can start your work on the phone and end it on the Mac.


iphone 6 UI


Now that the designers at Apple have received the approval for increasing the display size on the iPhone, the developers have also made use of this upgrade for providing a completely new UI experience. Introducing the 2-Up display. In the landscape mode, the display (for any application such as stock market indices, text messaging, email, etc.) will split up into two sections which allows for better management and accessibility of the app.

No longer would you have to navigate to and fro frequently to manage the contents of the app. Even the home screen has been optimized as per this configuration, with the bar at the bottom being repositioned to the side in order to accommodate better viewing.


gaming iphone 6


How can you blend the insanely high processing capabilities of A8 chip and the advanced operating system, the iOS 8? It’s simple – come up with a unique and equally advanced game rendering technology. This is exactly what Apple has done in the iPhone 6. It has introduced “Metal” which is a new technology that empowers developers to come up with immersive console style games that are designed for the iPhone.

“Metal” would allow synchronous working between the CPU and GPU, thereby delivering highly detailed graphics and visual effects of high complexity. In simple terms, the iPhone games just got a bit more realistic.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are as follows:


The pricing of the new iPhone would depend upon the storage variant that you select. As of now, the pricing information suggests that,

These prices are only indicative and an official price tag for the Indian market is yet to be released by Apple. Moreover, the converted values are as per the current exchange rates. The retail prices for the Indian market are expected to be revealed just before the products are introduced here.

Introduction of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the Indian Market

The iPhone 6 may have been launched yesterday, but it seems that the Indian market would have to wait a tad bit longer to get their hands on this amazing technological marvel. Both, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, releases on 17th October for the Indian market.

Since this launch is planned amidst the pomp and celebrations of the festive season, the sales would definitely boom. The release appears to have been perfectly timed with the dynamics of the Indian market and is a really good strategic move by the company. The features on this device look quite promising, but it still has to pass commercial usage and reviews of the users in general.

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