Apple Introduced the Highly Awaited iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

Apple Introduced the Highly Awaited iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

iOS 8 and OS X YosemiteApple has made changes to its operating system for the iPhone (iOS) and the Mac (OS X Yosemite). The Mac OS is getting a new design with a better file exchange feature that would provide greater convenience to users with respect to file management. The iOS upgrade includes a new feature focused on your health called the HealthKit. This feature keeps a check on your weight, calorie intake and other health metrics. The health apps have become common in all major updates that are being made to operating systems and Apple did not want to be left out in the race.

Another important area which Apple focused on is the way in which different devices work together. This is crucial for its electronic devices such as phones, tablets and Mac Books. Now you can easily share songs, movies and books that you have purchased in the digital format. It will also become highly convenient to share files between the Mac Book and the iPhone.

Check out the highlights of the changes and the new features that will be included in the update:

Changes made to MAC OS X

  • Changes made to MAC OS X

    • The new OS X is named Yosemite. Maybe Apple is shifting its nomenclature direction from animals (cats to be specific) to Californian locations.
    • Content from the internet and from the internet can be searched simultaneously for smooth performance. [This feature is somewhat similar to Windows 8].
    • The iCloud storage has been expanded and has been made compatible with all file types. This is a much awaited change as the previous version had specific restrictions with respect to file type.
    • A new Mail Drop feature would make it easier to send files that are of large sizes. This will be done with the help of specific URLs that the recipient can click to download the files.
    • The Safari web browser has been provided with increased privacy features along with more options for sharing links feasibly.

Changes made to iOS

  • Changes made to iOS

    • The iCloud Drive service would be integrated into the OS.
    • This will have the universal search tool just like the Mac OS X Yosemite where content from the internet and from the internet can be searched simultaneously.
    • Interactive notifications have been made a part of the new OS where messages can be responded to without leaving the current app.
    • There would also be a new gestures such as the double tapping action which would display a list of frequently used contacts.
    • The HealthKit app, a new addition to the iOS keeps a check on your weight, calorie intake and other health metrics.
    • The fingerprint security function will now also be accessible by third party apps and not just for the basic functions of Apple’s OS.
    • The new OS could also feature a new technology called HomeKit which has been developed for controlling garage doors, thermostats and other home systems.

The iOS and the Mac OS X will work seamlessly together, as per Apple’s statement. The AirDrop feature has been improved and now it will allow files to be shared directly between the iMacs and iPhones. Another cool feature is HandOff where you can switch between the iMac and the iPhone without any hindrances. So when you get a call, the caller ID would be displayed on the iMac. Similarly, an email which you started writing on the iMac can be finished from the iPhone. In terms of universal application, the iMessage feature would allow Apple users to communicate with devices that are not running on Apple’s OS. This will be one of the most beneficial features for users who have the need for communicating with devices that have different operating systems such as the rival Android.

These updates have been announced by Apple and will soon hit the market for Apple users. There are a lot of expectations being kept from the new features and updates. Maybe this could kick-start the increased use of symbiotic connectivity between devices such as iMac and the iPhone to provide greater convenience to the users.

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