Apple iOS And Android Free Apps of 2012

Apple iOS And Android Free Apps of 2012

Mobile applications have become more about practicality and user-friendliness than it was ever before. This year’s list of best mobile apps emphasize on new and updated apps that work better than its competitors.

It would be very difficult to rank the apps as every person might have a different opinion about a particular app ask as many as 100 people and you are bound to get 100 different answers as to which app is the best. The apps listed here were either released or updated in between the 1st of January to 25th of December this year.

Google Maps (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android)

Google Maps AppGoogle map was downloaded by more than 2 million users within 48 hours of releasing. Apple made a big mistake when it went for its Map app for iOS 6 instead of Google map. But it soon realized its mistake and approved a brand new version of Google Maps for iOS 6 devices.Apple iOS And Android Free Apps Google following competition from Apple was pushed to develop the best map app ever for any device.

Camera Awesome (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)

Camera Awesome AppCamera Awesome was touted as the best new app during the mid year. It has become universally available for all iOS devices and is far better than the pre-installed iPhone cameras. The “1-Tap Share” feature is accessible with the major social networking sites.

Songza (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android)

Songza AppAudio streaming services have changed the way we listen to music as get access to entire stations rather than pre-programmed playlists. The Songza app added a human touch with a major update that highlights playlist fashioned for particular moods.

Brewster Address Book (iPhone, iPod touch)

Brewster Address BookBrewster is basically a contact management tool that syncs to your iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and Foursquare contact lists. It would automatically ascertain your favorites depending on the activity.

Flipboard (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android)

Flipboard AppIt was on the list of favorite apps for the year 2011. The leader in socially curated news is also available on Android devices, You Tube, Google+ integration with a partnership with the New York Times.

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