Apple is Planning to Kill the Beats Music Service!

Apple is Planning to Kill the Beats Music Service!

What is the one thing that every brand features after it has been acquired? The Killing of the brand. As much as it may seem like a farfetched reality, but the harsh truth is that most companies that take over other brands, utilize the technologies and services of the acquired brand and integrate them into their own service. While this may be a good opportunity for the company to shine again, the acquired brand becomes prone to extinction.

This is the case with Apple and the Beats Music Service where (according to reports), Apple wishes to modify the services of Beats Music and integrate it into iTunes. TechCrunch reported that Apple plans to eliminate the Beats Music streaming service, which it acquired in May. This is in accordance with a statement released by Apple which states, “Company (Beats) may modify over time, and one of those changes could involve changing the Beats Music brand.” This is an indication that Apple could focus on integrating the Beats Music Service instead of shutting down the service completely.

However, if Apple removes the dedicated app of beats music service from the App Store, and integrates the service into iTunes, then the Beats brand would be lost forever. It is interesting to know, though, that Beats Audio was itself the product of a rebranding initiative by MOG music streaming service that was acquired by it long ago.

There reasons behind the rise of such rumours is that Apple did not include Beats Headphones in the new white box which contained the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Moreover, nothing was said about the Beats Music Service at the event. If you consider the new iPhone devices, none of them had the Beats Audio App. This is indicative of a red flag being shown to Beats Music service because it is strange that Apple should ignore a service for which it paid billions of dollars. On the optimistic side, this could also be an indication that Apple might be working on developing something even better by utilizing the Beats Music Service. We hope that things go in a positive direction for Beats or else the world might lose yet another good brand.

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