Apple Could Release the iPhone 6 in Less Than 3 Months

Apple Could Release the iPhone 6 in Less Than 3 Months

Now this has come as a surprise and is most probably a rumour but still there is a hint of possibility in this news.

If the rumours were to be believed, then Apple is expected to come out with the iPhone 6 between 19th September and 25th September. This time the information is based on a report that has supposedly come from China. The report contains information on pricing, basic design and the details about iPhone Air (the anticipated larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 variant).

According to the report, the new iPhone should be out by 15th September, but going by the lack of adequate authenticity of such reports, we can expect it to come out anytime during the last week of September. The report also states that the iPhone would be launched in China along with other countries where the phone would appear first. This seems a bit unlikely but going by the change in traditional approaches that the company has made, anything could be possible.

iPhone 6

The report states the following prices for the upcoming iPhone and its variants:

  • 4.7-inch iPhone 6 (32GB) variant – CNY 5,288 or Rs. 50,800 approximately
  • 5.5-inch iPhone 6 (16GB) variant – CNY 5,998 or Rs. 57,600 approximately

Based on these figures, it is also evident that the new iPhone 6 (4.7-inch 32GB variant) could be cheaper than the current 4 inch iPhone 5 (16 GB) which is priced at CNY 5330. Does this mean that Apple is actually considering lowering the cost of its brand new iPhones? Only time can tell whether these so called “reports” are authentic or are they part of the numerous attempts at coming up with the possible designs for the iPhone 6.

We had already mentioned about the possible features that could be expected from the iPhone 6. It seems that the guesses will simply not stop. Check out the following “leaked” photos which again hint that Apple is busy with a lot of work for coming out with a phone that could surprise us with its features.

new iPhone 6 smartphone

new iPhone 6

No official confirmation has been received from the company as of now. But if a release is scheduled in less than 3 months, then Apple would definitely be giving hints about it, just like when the iPhone 5 was about to be launched. The new iPhone has made everyone so excited that the level of expectations keep rising with every new rumour that makes its way to the market. Let’s wait and watch what the actual product turns out to be. Will it be a disappointment or will it be a treat for Apple lovers? May be we can find out soon enough.

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