Apple Slashes $200 for the New iMac

Apple Slashes $200 for the New iMac

Now this is a surprise that every Apple user would love. Apple recently launched the new all-in-one iMac desktop computer with a lower price tag ($200 less on the retail value). While the new iMac may be light on the budget, it sure does have significant changes that have been made to its build. However, the new 21.5 inch iMac has similar thickness to its predecessors.

The price drop has come with a cost that may not appeal to the hardcore computer user who has gotten familiar with the advanced processing capabilities of the iMac series. The new iMac’s performance is a drastic 40% slower in comparison to the performance of the older low price variants. It also has a moderate configuration which includes a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor running at 1.4GHz with 8GB of RAM (non-upgradable) and a non-upgradeable 500 GB hard drive.

Now the hard drive is a rather disappointing feature, apart from the slashed performance speed, because the previous variants offered 1 TB (which is a substantial amount of storage space for the average user). However, if you wish to get more space, then you can get a 1 TB hard drive for an additional $50. You can also buy either a 256 GB solid-state drive or a 1TB Fusion Drive (small SSD + large HDD combo) by paying $250 in excess.

The new iMac has no major changes to the internal configuration which may seem like a wise move on the part of the company to drive sales, but this also indicates that the device is neither perfect for gaming nor is it the best system for graphic designing. If you are searching for a processing power house, then this may not be the best option for you.

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This is great if used for casual home computing and is an amazing choice for those who desire Apple’s quality, design and software, but at a lower price. The new iMac could prove to be a successful product for the average user. It’s strange that Apple decided to launch this so late, as it has been known to lower the price of existing models before releasing a new one with a higher price tag. It seems that the company has definitely adopted major changes in its approach which was developed by the Late Steve Jobs. Let’s see how this strategy works out for the company in the coming months.

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