Apple to Bring Out Dual Lens Cameras for the iPhone Soon

Apple to Bring Out Dual Lens Cameras for the iPhone Soon

Apple has been known to provide high quality cameras in the iPhones and iPads. They are definitely best of the class with pretty good imaging capabilities. But it seems that Apple won’t just stop there. The company has been known for its efforts to become a leader in the mobile and computing space.

There have been rumours surrounding Apple’s initiatives to bring out dual lens equipped iPhones. The rumours have received a slight confirmation in the form of claims made by the CEO of Altek, a company that creates dual-lens cameras for HTC and Huawei, that Apple has spent a good portion of the last 3 years researching and testing dual lenses for integrating them into future iPhone models.

If the company has indeed been working on a dual lens imaging system, then why have we not seen viable results till now? The progress of the company’s products in terms of design, functionality, and performance has been pretty good over the past few years. These developments were done in about the same time that it has taken Apple to supposedly test the dual lens camera for iPhone. The only feasible explanation for the delay in the release of the dual lens system appears to be the existence of technical issues that need to be resolved before a prototype is developed.


Source: BusinessWeekly Taiwan

In all probabilities, Apple might have hit upon blurred imaging issues with the new lens system in addition to other technical obstacles. BusinessWeekly Taiwan recently reported that Apple’s acquisition of LinX technologies has led to a viable solution being found for the blurred image issues in the new lens system. If the claims made by the report are true, then we can expect dual lens enabled iPhones to hit the market soon. Maybe it will come with the anticipated iPhone 6S or iPhone 7.


The iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7 are being speculated to have major enhancements over the current models, especially the addition of flash and panorama capabilities to the front camera. The addition of these features to the front camera make iPhones a must-have device for selfie lovers. Rumours are also hinting on an improved low light sensor in the front camera which should let you take better selfies even if you do not wish to turn the flash on.

Till the time we receive official confirmation from Apple or from official representatives, we can only hope that these rumours are true. It would be interesting to see a dual lens camera backed by Apple’s advanced processing capabilities and technical superiority.

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