Apple’s Next Gen A9 Chips to be Developed by Samsung

Apple’s Next Gen A9 Chips to be Developed by Samsung

Apple’s Next Gen A9 Chips

The world has heard a lot about the ongoing arch rivalry between Apple and Samsung. This is justified in a way because the global smartphone market is witnessing increased participation of more brands, due to which it has become quintessential to hold on to the market share that has been achieved already.

But when it comes to technological cooperation, all of this rivalry is subdued and overlooked. Manufacturers often overlook such things when it comes to manufacturing components such as the processing chip set for companies like Apple. Samsung is not a newcomer to the component manufacturing scenario. It has been developing processors and display units for Apple, but this was not hyped quite a lot. Now, Samsung has secured the bid to develop Apple next generation of processing chips which would power the next iteration of the iPhone and the iPad.

The A9 chips would be thinner than the current line of A8 processors. This is a benefit in terms of power consumption because smaller chips are known to be power efficient. However, this is just one aspect. With advancements in technology, the capabilities of this chips are also being enhanced to the point that they may be able to provide high performance for the next gen mobile devices.

The new chips would have a thickness of 14 nanometres. This is a considerable improvement as the previous chips were 20 nanometres thick. Samsung has been involved in the manufacturing of the “A” series chips for Apple ever since the first iPhone model was launched in the market in 2007, with the exception of the A8 processor chip which was collectively developed by Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Samsung still provides upto 40% of the A8 chips that Apple needs to power its latest generation of iPhones. If you were to consider the technical capabilities of Samsung, then you would wonder why it has not been able to develop something like the “A” series of processors for its own line of smartphones. Even if the company is bound by legal stipulations over the technology, there could be a way in which the technology could be applied. Let’s see what Samsung could offer in the years to come.

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