Barclays Develops Wearable Credit Cards – The Latest in Tech Fashion Accessories

Barclays Develops Wearable Credit Cards – The Latest in Tech Fashion Accessories

Barclays Develops Wearable Credit CardsJust when you thought that Tech Fashion accessories could not go beyond Smartphone based watches, Barclays introduced wearable credit cards. Yes, this is true and is in perfect working condition. These wearable credit cards are a blessing for all those who have a problem carrying around credit cards and are rather carefree about handling them. This gadget is rubberized, waterproof and comes enclosed with a computer chip and micro-aerial which allows it to interact with the reader. Moreover, these look like just another wrist band and so it won’t catch the attention of robbers.

This latest gadget of 2014, called the bPay Band, is expected to give a much needed boost to cashless transactions by acting as a virtual wallet. No longer would you have to succumb to the hassles and stress of losing your credit card. Those who have lost their cards are well aware of the long queues and the hassles of lengthy documentation work that needs to be done in order to get a new card while closing the details of the lost card.

Now transactions will be as easy as swiping your arm over the reader. You can pay for coffee, travel and even gym memberships with this one of a kind innovation. If you are thinking of using it for major purchases, then you are mistaken. The device only permits small transactions with a maximum of $ 20 per transaction. And the best part is that no pin or security code is required to authenticate the payment. Just a single swipe would suffice. Users, however, have to load the money onto the device straight from their bank accounts.

The bPay Band has been successfully used in several events, such as the London Pride where the visitors were given this device to pay for the entry and also to purchase food and beverages. This commercial testing has proven the immense applicability of the bPay band. The company plans to launch this on a commercial basis for use at over 300,000 terminals and services that currently have the facility for contactless debit card transactions. The company also made a formal statement on its website that it plans to give users the benefit of paying for transportation in London by using bPay bands. However, this is expected to be implemented later this year.

The gadget also has great applications for children and teenagers. Parents can load up these devices and give them to their kids so that they may pay for transport and make small purchases. The expenditure limit will prevent kids from misusing the credit card and the simple aesthetics of the device will deter robbers from considering it to be of value. The commercial testing has provided positive outcomes. But the accurate performance details would only be known when it introduced on a larger scale and for more services.

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