Belty – A Completely New Dimension in the Wearable Technology

Belty – A Completely New Dimension in the Wearable Technology

The year 2015 is the year of wearable technology, every tech giant is coming up with a Wearable Gadget that connects to their smartphones. Belty is also a wearable gadget but with a different form and a totally different purpose.

Belty has been innovated to provide you comfort, it loosens when you sit and tightens when you stand. It is a belt that adjusts itself according to your comfort with the help of tiny motors.

Belty Fitness Tracking Capabilities As Well

To add more utility this wearable gadget offers fitness tracking capabilities as well. Belty has a pedometer to track your fitness and waistline analysis.

Emiota Belty Smart Belt

You can monitor your fitness goals through the App provided which connects via bluetooth to you device. The App also allows you to set vibration alarms to alert you if you are inactive for a prolonged period.

You Can Monitor Your Fitness Goals Through the Belty App

Emiota, the company that makes Belty proudly claims “Made In France” signifying superior quality and high fashion tastes. They have partnered with L’Aiglon that are known for great quality leather and exceptional cutting technology.


The whole Belty concept looks quite interesting as Emiota has experimented with something that adds utility to a product that is used daily. The product looks fashionable but seems to be a bit heavy when compared to a standard belt. We hope that Emiota comes up with a lighter version in the near future.

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