Best Free Android Games Of 2019

Best Free Android Games Of 2019

In today’s era, people live in a world that is full of digital media. Gameplay has now turned out to have a positive effect on the players and hence, players are always seen keen, looking forward to the new games. So here we have the best upcoming games of this year that shall quench the thirst of every gamer! Have a look:


Release –  2017

Platforms – Android, iOS ,PC


Homescapes is an adventure and puzzle games. In this game, the players should help Austin bring warmth and comfort back to the Mansion.

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Your aid will come in the form of some match-three puzzle solving.

So as to tidy up Austin’s dusty old house, you’ll have to gather the stars expected to return it to its previous greatness. Those stars are just available through the finishing of match-three riddles with a wide range of primary objectives attached to them.

To finish levels, the player must accomplish the recorded listed in the level (for example gather some of the specific elements, lay down carpet, remove suds, etc.). In doing as such, the player will acquire stars to finish errands around the house and progress further in the game.

There are additionally “events” all through the game, where the player can get exceptional prizes (for example power-ups, coins, and so on.) subsequent to finishing the event. One of them incorporates a sub-plot spinning around Austin’s cat, who experiences passionate feelings for a female cat. The player finishes unique levels to enable him to meet the cat.

Come on in – adventures are waiting for you from the while you will walk in the door!

Credit – Homescapes Via Youtube


Platform(s) – Android,iOS, Nintendo 3DS,PC

Release – August 2016


Gardenscapes is a sensational and energizing game where you start an adventurous endeavour with the loyal butler Austin to coordinate 3 items and win stars to revamp an old garden. As you match 3 objects in the puzzle,  you can start to decorate and reestablish the garden. You will likewise meet intriguing characters as you fathom the riddles and gather the reward. In the game, you will discover Austin requesting that you help him remodel the garden. which is in a depilated condition. You will locate the well-manicured yards have turned out to be decrepit and unkempt, statues in the nursery have disintegrated or broken. As you are the proprietor in the game now, Austin, the head servant requires your assistance to redesign the garden. and reestablish it to its past magnificence.

All through the game, the butler, Austin will enable you to achieve little undertakings to revamp the garden. The rambling garden is partitioned into various areas that require renovation and Austin will further isolate the assignments to make it simpler for you to achieve. A portion of these errands is fixing a wrecked garden bench, including new benches, fixing broken wellsprings, planting bushes, etc. The butler in the game will refresh every single task as and when required. The game incorporates an exciting and dynamic world that is stuffed with astonishments. In spite of the fact that there are difficulties, it is resolvable effectively.

The other portion of the game is similarly fascinating the match 3 levels. To finish the garden rebuilding, you will require stars which you have earned from the match 3 levels. You should spend a star to reestablish a garden bench and more in the event that you have to do some other reclamation work in the garden.

Credit – Cnet Via Youtube

Cover Fire

Platform(s) – iOS Android,PC

Release – April 2017

Cover Fire

Cover fire is an android game and an activity game that mostly includes shooting which is basically just to state that the portrayal of the game is tied in with shooting with the sniper gun type and different styles of it for it likewise does a great deal of other fabulous things on the game and is very charming to its users and everybody playing the game.

The game is extremely an enjoyable to play the game and generally portrayed as a Game whereby you’d get the opportunity to Lead your brigade of heroes to a war against the Tetracorp corporation in the best shooting match-up. And furthermore, Build your cutting edge strategy in the battlefield and kill all your enemy from all sides completely. Likewise, it’s where you’ll Face boundless operations activity in the online competitions game mode and take up your weapons from a slaughtering arms stockpile and similarly step-up of every one of your warriors with the one of a kind shooter abilities you have as well. There the graphical part of the set another bar for its rails games, particularly on its most astounding setting. The last adversary flop scene in every mission is extremely a genuine work of the excellence of the game. It’s certainly one of the better rails shooters available regarding the ongoing interaction and an appreciated expansion to the shooting game landscape aspect as well.

Credit -Genera Games Via Youtube

Asphalt 9

Platform(s) – iOS Android,PC

ReleaseFebruary 2018

Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Legends incorporates improved visuals, new controls, and another program of vehicles and tracks. Visually, Asphalt 9 is shocking and potentially the most attractive game on the portable stage today.

One of the most significant things outwardly in a racing game is passing on the feeling of speed. Arcade games, specifically, go for an increasingly sensational impact and this is generally accomplished utilizing motion blur. motion blur. is best depicted as hindering the screen speed of your video camera, so as opposed to everything being caught freshly, it leaves a trail of movement. While not perfect for catching true movement, in video games it enables make to movement show up smoother, particularly at lower edge rates.

 The new motor likewise has phenomenal lighting, with an HDR lighting impact that makes energetic situations. The abloom impact makes more splendid zones stick out and genuinely overwhelm as they are smothered marginally, which makes for a sharp diverge from the darker zones. Each stage has diverse lighting dynamic that changes with the conditions, with levels having particular bright, cloudy, desert, frigid mountains and a city during the evening lighting feel to it contingent on the level. A crepuscular or god beam impact is utilized to make light shafts coming in through cuts and round edges before light sources.

 Supplementing the extraordinary lighting is the utilization of screen-space reflections, reflecting neighbourhood geometry detail off the outside of the autos, puddles and ice. These help anchor both, the vehicles and different articles to nature and makes a durable situation that looks practical.

 The cars look outwardly exceptionally sensible and there’s an extraordinary sheen that gets your eyes when the race starts. Every one of the cars this time around looks very premium and merit gathering. As a reference, you get blueprints for the cars that enable you to open them by winning races. It takes a long time unlocking new cars. You have five classes of cars that can be opened: D, C, B, A and S. You start off with D class vehicles and advance toward the top. I feel the expansion of Blueprints to open a particular is implied as a snare for players to continue playing in light of the fact that unlocking cars in Asphalt 9 can take some time.

Credit – Asphalt via youtube

Real Commando Secret Mission

Platform(s) – iOS Android,PC

Release –  November 2018

Real Commando Secret Mission

The ongoing interaction of this world war cutting edge game is extremely exciting and thrilling. You will begin the mission on the territory of the enemy in this game. At first, you don’t have any weapons in this bleeding-edge fight strike game. You should simply to battle alone in this game. You additionally need to remain hidden from enemy sight in this fps world war army game. The component of stealth will make it simple to finish missions of this game. Indeed, even you are unarmed, you can kill your foe in this small-time commando game. Be that as it may, it is prescribed to utilize weapons in all missions of this game. Additionally, you have a gun as your sidearm in each assignment of this bleeding-edge fighting game. You will win cash in the wake of finishing every activity in this game. You can purchase new weapons including AK47 and UMP5 firearm. Besides, you have an expert rifleman rifle too for stealth missions in this game. All activities are thrilling, you have to make a strategy to play this exclusive commando game. Since the enemy force, you are managing is profoundly prepared and proficient in this game.

The controls of this fps armed force war game are extremely helpful. You have a delight joypad to control the development of the player in this game. There are squat, stand position catch alongside flip catch in this world war bleeding-edge game. Besides, your wellbeing bar and remaining shots are additionally featured in this game. There is likewise an alternative of the auto shoot in this cutting edge fight strike game. You simply need to aim the enemy and it will fire individually in this cutting edge fighting game. What’s more, you can likewise change the gun by tapping the gun icon. Every last bit of it makes this world fight battle game engaging among the players of each age.

Best of Luck…!

Credit DailyUgo Via Youtube

Call of critical war

Release –  October 2014

Platforms – Android, iOS ,PC PS3,Xbox 360

Call of critical war

Call of Critical War is the best quick paced activity fps game. It is a reassuring quality activity fps shooter with top activity components. In the event that you like war games or FPS games, you will love Call Of Critical War one of the most fun and compelling shooting match-ups ever!

Call Of Critical War has an exceptional storyline to enjoy with FPS strife battle. Challenge yourself in of its tempting storyline, with huge amounts of upgradeable weapons, apparatus and cutting edge body inserts. Being the best fps commando shooter in the war zone of current fighting you are on the mystery mission take the examination and significant archives for foe regions and reestablish the harmony or light biggest clash war in world history. Specialist as you continue you are given with loads of various undertaking to handle set yourself up to be prepared for each war circumstance in this free FPS shooter MMORPG.

Don’t have an internet connection? Try not to stress since you can in any case play game offline in campaign mode. Tiptop armed force is urgent to beat the enemy and to spare the world! Set up your squad group! Make the game with your very own principles!

This game is impeccably upgraded for gadgets with the low specification. File size of the game is likewise exceptionally advanced to spare your internet data. Presently make the most of your best fps shooter game. You can change graphics for different phones!

Exceptionally customizable controls so you can play the game only the manner in which you need. Modern control gives you immersible feeling, just aim, simply point, press trigger and shoot all the trouble makers with simple controls.

CreditAidas Game Studio Via Youtube


Release –  March 2017

Platforms – ‎Microsoft Windows‎, ‎Android‎, ‎iOS‎


Battlegrounds is a player versus player shooter game in which up to one hundred players take on in a conflict royale, a kind of huge scale sole survivor deathmatch where players battle to remain the last alive. Players can enter the match solo, pair, or with a little group of up to four individuals. The last individual or group alive successes the match.

Each match begins with players parachuting from a plane onto one of the four maps, with territories of roughly 8 × 8 kilometres (5.0 × 5.0 mi), 6 × 6 kilometres (3.7 × 3.7 mi), and 4 × 4 kilometres (2.5 × 2.5 mi) in size. The plane’s flight way over the guide changes with each round, expecting players to rapidly decide the best time to discharge and parachute to the ground. Players start with no rigging past modified dress determinations which don’t influence ongoing interaction. When they land, players can look through structures, apparition towns and different locales to discover weapons, vehicles, covering, and other hardware. These things are procedurally appropriated all through the guide toward the beginning of a match, with certain high-chance zones normally having better equipment.[1] Killed players can be plundered to obtain their rigging as well.[1] Players can pick to play either from the first-person or third-person perspective, each having their very own favourable circumstances and drawbacks in battle and situational mindfulness; however server-explicit settings can be utilized to force all players into one perspective to dispose of some advantages.

At regular intervals, the playable area of the map begins to shrink down towards a random location, with any player got outside the sheltered zone taking harm gradually, and in the end being disposed of if the protected zone isn’t entered in time; in-game, the players see the boundary as a shimmering blue wall that contracts over time. This outcome in a progressively restricted guide, thus expanding the odds of encounters. During the course of the match, random areas of the map are featured in red and bombed, representing a risk to players who stay in that area. In both cases, players are cautioned a couple of minutes before these occasions, giving them an opportunity to move to safety. A plane will fly over different pieces of the playable map occasionally at random, or any place a player utilizes a flare gun, and drop a plunder bundle, containing things which are ordinarily absurd during normal gameplay. These packages emit highly visible red smoke, drawing interested players near it and creating further confrontations. On average, a full round takes nearly 30 minutes.

Toward the completion of each round, players gain in-game currency based on their performance. The currency is utilized to buy boxes which contain restorative things for character or weapon customization. A rotating “event mode” was added to the game in March 2018. These occasions switch up the typical game standards, for example, building up to bigger groups or squads, or adjusting the distribution of weapons and protection over the game map.

CreditWhatCulture Gaming Via Youtube

 FPS Battle

ReleaseAugust 2017


FPS Battle

FPS Battle 2019 is an exciting shooting and survival game where you are tossed at the substance of war. Players will drop on an island utilizing a parachute and participate in assaults after landing. Each map region can suit up to 30 officers or players, which implies that you should eliminate the other 29 players so as to endure and win. This fight royale themed war game is pressed with activity and cool weapons you can use to kill different players in the field, like machine guns, snipers, and grenades. Moving around goes easily with its responsive and simple controls, which are situated on either side of your screen to avoid blocking your view. FPS Battle 2019 is a game that can be played offline so you can experience the action anywhere, anytime.

Credit DroidGameplaysTV Via Youtube

Run Forest Run

Release –  2019

Platforms –  Android, iOS

Run Forest Run

Welcome to the new activity game at top speed, would you say you are addicted on the run, hop and evade? You will require a genuine outdated reflexes to defeat the test!

Have fun with this wild race game, the best-run games and hop game exceptionally mixes the class of arcade and activity games. Easy to play and it is offline!

Basic and natural control framework, all the gymnastics moves with one finger.

Swipe up on your screen to make a bounce game and departure from impediments, push down your finger to slide under obstacles.

Dash left or ideal to turn your runner. Would you be able to dodge all cars and foes in this perpetual runner?

Missions hopping games remunerate framework!

Complete three missions and level up your multiplicator rating, every mission is interesting.

Open astounding situations to play ‘Run Forrest Run’ with vivid and incredible designs games like Alabama, Route 66, Football Stadium or hazardous timberlands of Vietnam, every one of them recreates scenes from the beloved.

Synchronize with your Facebook and Google Play accounts, contend with your companions, beat them and arrive at the highest point of the positioning. Enter in the aggressive mode and keep running past your high scores in the game and become the top sprinter. Demonstrate to them who is the best in this unbounded running match-ups.

There are a lot of skins and helmets to customize your character. What do you like? A rugby helmet or a rocket helmet? Everything has unique forces like slow downtime, jump more distance, increase your focuses or endure one/two contacts with a snag. The constant activity in this ceaseless running match-up and hopping game!

Easy to play and absolutely free, with its straightforward and natural interface, run and avoid with just one finger! You’ll adore this test running activity game at full speed!

CreditGenera Via Youtube

Super Bino GO

Release –  2019

Platforms –  Android, iOS

Super Bino GO

Super Bino Go will lead you to venture back so as to your childhood with the amazing mission: Princess Rescue. Your task is helping Super Bino battle every single monstrous beast through various islands to spare the delightful Princess at the last goal.

How about we view what anticipates for you in our exemplary Super Bino Go Game:

  • 7 Iconic Islands and 140 levels (refreshing)
  • 7 Fierce Bosses to thrashing to move to the following islands
  • Cool control like in the bygone era

To pass such troublesome levels, you should look for the assistance from 3 sorts of incredible things covered up in the bricks or utilizing your gathered coins to purchase.

  • “Grow-up” drink to get greater.
  • “Fire” drink to throw a bomb at the beasts.
  • “Shield” drink that will ensure Bino in a constrained measure of time.

Try not to stop for a second and Join one of the most fascinating experience ever with Super Bino Go.

Battle the beasts – Break all records – And most significant: SAVE THE PRINCESS

Credit –  Pryszard Android iOS Gameplays Via youtube


Release –  2014

Platforms – Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android.


Hearthstone is digital-only, a turn-based collectable game which pits two adversaries against one another. There are nine classes: Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Paladin, Hunter, Druid, Warlock, Mage, and Priest. All classes have special cards and capacities, known as hero powers, which help characterize class archetypes. Each player utilizes a deck of cards from their accumulation with the ultimate objective being to decrease the adversary’s wellbeing to zero. There are four unique kinds of cards: minions, spells, weapons, and hero cards.  Missions are a sort of spell selective to the Journey to Un’Goro expansion. These cards are requested by irregularity, with Legendary cards being the rarest, trailed by Epic, Rare, Common, and Basic. Blizzard releases developments of extra cards at regular intervals to expand the assortment in the metagame. The game uses a freemium model of income, which means players can play for nothing or pay to obtain extra card packs or content.

All cards cost a specific measure of “mana”, a financial limit every player must comply with which increments by one each turn with a limit of ten. This conjures system as the player must prepare, considering what cards can and can’t be played. Minions and spells are unique. Minions will be put straightforwardly onto the board in the wake of being played and may carry special effects like Charge or Deathrattle, allowing the minion to attack instantly or making the minion do something special upon death, respectively. Spells have unmistakable impacts and influence the board in different ways. Cards can be acquired through opening card packs or by creating them with Arcane Dust.

Credit –  Hearthstone Via youtube

Clash Royale

Release –   January 2016

Platforms – ‎iOS‎, ‎Android

Clash Royale 

Clash  Royale is an RTS where you battle against other online players in distracted duels. This time around, you’ll locate the full adored cast of characters from Clash of Clans: Giants, Barbarian Kings, Wall Breakers, Archers, and a lot all the more going head to head in a vital field.

Conflict Royale’s gameplay is basic and clear. You begin the game with three towers: one in the centre and the other two on each side. Your point is to utilize your troops to devastate your enemy’s central tower, while likewise guarding your own towers. Every competition keeps going three minutes, except if there’s a tie – all things considered, you get some additional time.

In Clash Royale, huge amounts of battle units anticipate, above all, you need to open them. That implies you’ll have to gather enough cards. All things considered, including new cards to your deck requires procuring the privilege to open up new chests which you just gain by winning competitions.

Each Clash Royale unit has specific features:  life points, attack distances,  arrangement times, speed, and so forth. Improving these skills when you level up, in the long run, enables you to structure your troops deliberately.

Conflict Royale is a wild and fun multiplayer game. Each duel lasts  (probably) somewhere in the range of one and four minutes so you can play a speedy match whenever, anyplace. In addition, its graphics – simply like in the first Clash of Clans – are brilliant.


Credit –  Uptodown Via youtube

Stranger Things: The Game

Release –  October 2017

Platforms – Android, iOS, FireTV

Stranger Things The Game

The gameplay is similar to experience games from the SNES period, most remarkably The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Since the game is just playable on touch screen devices, game mechanics have been vigorously disentangled: everything from character development, to battle, to reviewing and initiating things can be accomplished by tapping the screen. The game uses a 16-bit art style and is played in an overhead see. There are two game modes: Normal and Classic. In Classic mode, players have come back to the start of cells upon death, and foes respawn even after prisons have been finished.

There is a total of eight playable characters. Characters 1-7 have been accessible since the first version of the game,  while the eighth was included with the October 27th update, published in the event for the arrival of the subsequent season.

Credit – NGT via Youtube

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