Best iPhone Storage Hacks So That You Never Run Out of Space

Best iPhone Storage Hacks So That You Never Run Out of Space

Have you ever been annoyed of the “Storage Almost Full” notification popping up daily on you iDevice? And, you don’t even know how to stop it. And what do you do then? The only simple answer that will hit you is, DELETE!DELETE!

Well, there are many different ways you can help yourself with. So it’s time to clear out some space on your iDevice. Need a little guidance? Here are the best possible tips and tricks to get you ready.

1. Find Out The Space Taker


The iPhone is not a hyped smartphone. Did you know, you can see which apps are taking most space. Look for the apps which are taking most of your iDevice space so that you can optimize them and save some space.

Setting > General > Usage and tap on Manage Storage.

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2. Shoot Out the Useless Apps


And at the same hand, if you find any apps that are not of your use anymore. But are taking a lot of space. Delete them right away.

3. Just Keep What You Like To Listen


This is a very effective way to save some space. Just be precised on what you love to listen and just stick to it. There is no benefit in keeping the songs you don’t listen regularly.

4. Optimize the Photo Storage Setting


Photos take a lot of space on your devices and you never realize that. If you like to keep all the photos as a memory with you, then this is definitely the best solution for you. If you’re using HDR to get the best shots, that means you’re saving two photos each time. Delete the non-HDR images and then go to Settings > Photos & Camera and turn off Keep Normal Photo.

5. And the Photos Again


This is what we miss out while thinking of what is actually covering up the space. Did you know that the recently deleted album also takes space on you device. Deleting the ‘Recently Deleted’ album can provide you with a lot of space. And you are really wishing to do it fast, Go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted (that’s where the photos stay for next 30 days after you delete them) > Select > Delete All and you are done.

6. Do You Need the History


This is a easy thing to be done just Go to Settings > Safari and click Clear History and Website Data to purge even more hidden data.

7. And the WhatsApp is Everywhere


Have you ever realized that WhatsApp and its media data take to much of the data too much of space in your device. So to resolve this problem the best way out is to delete the old chats and media data which is not of use anymore. Stop the auto media download option from the WhatsApp setting menu. This will prevent the media from auto downloading. To do so, Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download.

8. Delete your Voicemails


Same as the text messages, voicemails also clog up the space on your device. Clearing out your voicemails time to time, will save you much of the space. To make this done swipe left on the heads of the voicemail and tap Delete.

9. Backing Up is the Best Option Ever


What is your contingency plan, when you did all this but cannot get enough space for your requirement. Then it’s the time you connect you phone to your computer. Move all your data to your computer and delete all your data off the phone. You can use the data whenever you want it and yes, its the easiest way to clean your phone.

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