Best Power Banks under Rs. 1000

Best Power Banks under Rs. 1000

We are in the year 2015 where smart phones run apps and features that consume battery very fast and the result is a high demand for power banks. Thought there are many Best Power Banks in the market but we bring to you a list of best Power Banks under Rs. 1000 which is as follows:

1. ADATA PT100 Power Bank

ADATA PT100 Power Bank

Price – Rs. 999/- Power Capacity-10000 mAH

This power bank can charge iphone 5 times when charged fully. With great safety features like Safety Mechanism charging and safety mechanism discharging this power bank also has a LED Torch and a great buy if you are looking for high capacity power banks.

2. Intex Power Bank (IT-PB40)

Intex Power Bank (IT-PB40)

Price – Rs. 720/- Capacity-4000 mAH

This power bank from Intex is small in size and offers great quality. LED shows us the power left and can be really useful. This power bank is great for those looking for a compact and great quality charger.



Price – Rs.999/- Capacity-5200 mAH

A pretty average charger but great when we compare all the aspects at this price. It looks like a small computer mouse and is ultraportable. Best for iPhone/Tablets this Power Bank has a Battery that stays 90% charged without charging up-to 1 year.

4. ROMOSS Dual USB Power Bank

ROMOSS Dual USB Power bank

Price- Rs.999/- Capacity-6000 mAH

This Power Bank allows you to charge 2 devices at once with its 2 USB charging points. Great safety features, 2 charging points and a balance of rest specs make this Power Bank a must have.

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