Blackberry Passport: A comeback

Blackberry Passport: A comeback

Blackberry PassportBlackberry is still a love for it’s fans but with the uprise of various new smartphones at much convenient prices it has had a blow. The cool logo studded at the back of the devices is still a heart throb and thus it has decided to make it’s way back into the market. Customers though a few apprehensive, do want to look over Blackberry’s new market strategy, after all it is hard to forget about the first smartphone giant.


A whole lot of specs packed inside the 4.5 inch display need a closer look:

DesignA rectangular box with sharp edges quite suits its name- “Passport”. It looks elegant and modish to hold with a design that is sleek and compact. All touch screen comes with a three line keyboard (Blackberry fans might miss the classic blackberry keypad but this is worth a shot). Next word prediction , auto-correction facilitate faster and correct typing. The personalised learning engine quickly grasps your typing style and blends in well to give it a perfect experience.
MemoryPower pack performance should also be attributed to the 3GB RAM the device has . With a 32 GB internal storage , expandable unto 128 GB it has room for all your videos , photos , mails and apps. Charge faster, transfer even faster with the USB 2.0 port available on the device.
BatteryThis is the ace that will loosen up the ends and will make it quite propitious the way it is welcomed in the market. The 3450 mAh battery is very powerful and supports the device for 14 hours of talk time. The big cookie is worth considering an option for users who cannot just afford low battery.
CameraThe 13 MP camera comes with auto-focus and optical image stabilisation which is quite a leap from what it used to provide. The 5x zoom and HD video recording at 60fps also tune in well. Blackberry too joins the league for its users to take cool selfies. A 2MP front camera though not that high end but with a 3x zoom is also not all that bad
AppsThe biggest setback that the device faces is the lack of a playstore , though the BB world makes an attempt to compensate for it. There was some expectation of BB linking with android for the users to have access to amazing apps flooding the market. This has till now been a successful tactic saving NOKIA from falling off the smartphone market. The Amazon App Store gives you an option to download some of the games and apps form Android. You can now enjoy Candy Crush, Minecraft, Pinterest on your BB.

With everyday features like Radio and NFC Blackberry has paid heed to the small details that can be appealing to at least a few. The better sound quality enhances the experience of in-person conversation with the natural sound technology automatically adjusting to the changes in the position and background noise . Browser also is set to be more responsive reducing the time for your pages to load.
PerformanceBlackberry has opened doors to having a whole lot of features for the price it costs. This is a huge deviation from its earlier strategies that can prove to be much of a selling point . The Blackberry OS 10 supported with the Blackberry Blend software syncs you up with the computer to exchange data in a secure way.Powered by a Qualcomm 2.2 GHz quad core processor makes your BB faster than ever. All this is not something thats new but for something that has just returned from oblivion it’s a great start.


Blackberry Passport ReviewThe larger screen gives you a wider look designed for better viewing , editing or browsing. Priced at 53000 INR , BB has not been able to completely cut it’s roots as it still seems over-priced for the specs that come with it. Having a plus point of battery, keyboard and design it is difficult to analyse whether it will hit the bull’s eye in terms for luring a good customer base to experience the comeback product. Blackberry still needs to prove as to why it should enjoy customer support to an extent that it can revive itself in the market.

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