Should You Buy a Refurbished Computer from Apple?

Should You Buy a Refurbished Computer from Apple?

Can this be true? Refurbished computers from Apple! Yes, this is true and moreover, the company makes them available on its website. Now we all know how expensive Apple’s products can be, especially the MacBooks which go way above $2000. But Apple has a strict no-crap policy which means that even if systems are returned, the company’s technicians will inspect it minutely and replace any defective part that are detected. And the best part about these refurbished computers is that you can save approximately $300 dollars on the laptops and computers.

This is way more than anyone can ask for as the parts are updated and the latest components are integrated in order for the unit to pass through the QA tests. There are very few cases when the system is actually used and returned by the customer. In such conditions, you can expect to find some signs of wear and tear from the device such as minor scratches or a few bumps here and there. But performance wise, you would not be able to find out a single flaw.

As stated by the customer, Todd Edwards, “the only difference between a new Apple computer / laptop and a refurbished one is the packaging. While the new one is packed in standard configurations, the refurbished ones not so. However, you get all the accessories that are usually provided with a new set”.

This brings us to the question, “Is appearance more important than functionality?” Well, in my opinion the only thing that matters is functionality because you can have a cardboard box as the casing but as long as it functions properly, you won’t have to worry after all. Some of the refurbished computers may be 2 or 3 years old, but when Apple puts it up for sale, it ensures that it has the latest components so you end up getting the latest technology at 1/3rd the price of the original.

The refurbished computers by Apple have gained prominence after the introduction of the Recycle Program where old or defective computers are retracted and then they are made available in the market again after they have been repaired and tested for consistency. Even if you get some issues in the refurbished systems, Apple would be more than willing to check it and rectify the problems for you. So you can be assured of great service even if you buy a refurbished unit. Apple does take good care of its customers.

Coming back to the main agenda, “Should you buy refurbished computers from Apple?” For a start, I think it is best to buy refurbished products from the manufacturer itself as the technical expertise and guarantee of authenticity provided by it can never be reciprocated by third party vendors. Moreover, the product that you get with the lower price tag is not inferior to any other product in the same category so you are actually getting something that is in all sense a new and fully functional device. Don’t give second thoughts about these laptops because it is a killer deal. Go and get yourself a refurbished Apple computer and save some bucks too!

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