Charge Your Smartphone Battery in 30 Seconds

Charge Your Smartphone Battery in 30 Seconds

Charge Your Smartphone Battery

This may seem like one of those sci-fi tech or something out of your wildest dream, but it is a reality. StoreDot’s amazing nanotech based battery is indeed capable of charging within 30 seconds. Check the image above for prove. With this technology, you would now be able to charge your phone faster than ever before and no longer would you have to complain about your battery draining too fast.

Charge Your Smartphone Battery

The ground-breaking development of this revolutionary battery is the result of the efforts of the Israeli based firm, StoreDot, which harnessed the power of nanotechnology to harvest artificial molecules (bio-organic peptide molecules). These special molecules are the reason behind the extremely fast charging time for the battery. The “nanodots” modify the behaviour of the battery and this change allows the battery to absorb energy very fast and also retain it for a longer duration. Many research reports are claiming that the commercial variant of this battery could be launched in the market pretty soon.

Charge Your Smartphone Battery 2

When this battery comes out in the market, it will create a huge wave of revolutionary change in the smartphone market. The use of this technology could also be extended to other areas such as batteries for vehicles. Suppose the battery were to come out today, it could easily end the “battery longevity” feature of smartphones like the Sony Xperia Z3 which claims to offer 2 days continuous usage on a single complete charge.

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One of the best examples to back the 30 second charge claim is that of Samsung Galaxy S4. At the Microsoft Think Next Conference, StoreDot took a dead S4 device and managed to charge the prototype battery fully in just 26 seconds. This miraculous feat gained the interest of investors who have backed this project with the collective investment of USD 48 million (gathered over 2 rounds of funding). The technology has immense potential with widespread applications as the world that we know today is dependent on gadgets and other technological creations that run on battery.

Charge Your Smartphone Battery 3

The only drawback in the batteries design is its bulky construction which makes it unfit for usage in smartphones (as per the current situation). However, the company has expressed that they could come out with a slimmer battery by 2016 which would be able to charge up in 30 seconds and deliver continuous performance for an entire day. This seems too good to be true, but only time can tell if this miraculous feat would be achieved by StoreDot.

Till then, check out the video below and get amazed by the battery’s extremely fast charging.

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