Introducing ChatSIM – The World’s First SIM Card for VOIP Calls Made from Instant Messaging Apps

Introducing ChatSIM – The World’s First SIM Card for VOIP Calls Made from Instant Messaging Apps

Introducing ChatSIM

From the creators of WhatSim (a dedicated Sim card for accessing WhatsApp without internet availability), comes an ingenious innovation and the first of its kind – the ChatSIM. This is the world’s first “Instant Messaging SIM” which unifies all instant messaging applications (such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Facebook, LINE, etc.) to create a single voice communication system that would relieve the user from any specific app dependency. The best part about this sim card is that it allows calls to be made from the IM apps even in the absence of internet connectivity.

ChatSIM: Born to Chat


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Manuel Zanella is the inventor of ChatSIM and WhatSim. It is interesting to note that he managed to bring out free VOIP calling services in just 3 months after bringing out free instant messaging services with WhatSim. Both of these services are capable of working in the absence of internet connectivity which makes them really powerful communication tools. Moreover, the global presence of the services (without any fluctuations in rates) makes them an ideal companion for travellers as well as people who need to maintain international communication on a rather frequent basis.

ChatSIM also allows users to send and receive photos, videos, and voice messages, and share your location and contacts in every corner of the planet. If you have still not been able to grasp the massive reach of this network, then consider the possibility of chatting freely and being in touch with over 3 billion people. This is the potential network reach for ChatSIM.



ChatSIM has been made while keeping the global user group in mind. The sim can connect to 400+ operators across 150 countries around the world. This makes it one of the best services in terms of signal and coverage. Even if you move and change your location, you would still get the same high quality signal upon condition that the service is present in that region. The network is switched automatically to the one having the best signal quality and strength. This allows a seamless transition between networks while ensuring good user experience.

In order to ensure proper coverage, the company has designed two separate sim cards which differ in terms of coverage (for various regions). Zanella explained, “To achieve the maximum coverage and the best conditions, we have designed two SIMs: ChatSIM and ChatSIM Plus. The two SIMs differ in coverage in some countries. In this way, users can choose the SIM that covers the countries they are interested in. The retail price of ChatSIM will be announced soon by DirectD within the next few weeks.

The services of ChatSIM are currently available in India in the form of roaming partnership. No specific details about the services or its launch in the subcontinent are available as of now. But it should roll out soon enough, considering the huge number of mobile users in India who use at least one instant messaging app.

Plans and Tariffs

Plans and Tariffs - ChatSim

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In terms of pricing, the sim card comes at a price of only €10 which serves as the base rate for using the services. The company has also brought out really affordable plans that could make conventional voice calling plans obsolete in the near future. Manuel Zanella, CEO of Zeromobile, said, “Over 3 billion people are using instant messaging systems. We aim to connect them with a single SIM, wherever they are. With this new SIM, the days of conventional phone calls are numbered”. Calls made from IM apps like WhatsApp usually consume around 500 KB of data per minute. This comes out to 30 MB per hour. Conventional telecom providers have plans that more than often run out pretty fast and they don’t include data traffic abroad.

The rates are segmented into month-wise and annual plans. Check out the current plans that are being offered for ChatSIM.

  • €25 – up to 400 minutes in calls (from your favourite IM apps) permitted with a validity period of 30 days.
  • €100 – up to 2000 minutes in calls (from your favourite IM apps) permitted with a validity period of 365 days / 1 year.
  • The sim card can be purchased at a value of €10 which includes text messages and emojis. These elements won’t be part of the data allotment in any of the VOIP data plans. So you get unlimited text messages and emojis completely free of charge. However, the validity of this service is 1 year and it would have to be renewed after the end of the tenure.

It is nothing compared to the €6 a minute you pay in many countries as the base roaming rate for GSM calls or to the cost of calls with plans of conventional operators,” explained Manuel Zanella, inventor of ChatSIM. The company has claimed that users would be charged rates that are similar to the rates applicable for VOIP calls made using their internet data.

Who Will Benefit the Most From ChatSIM?

ChatSIM is meant for everyone who is capable of using an instant messaging app. However, the service will be most useful for people who have to travel constantly around the world. When you move from one country to another, most of the times you are unaware of the data / calling plans available in that country. With ChatSIM, you can forget about any such thing as all of your communication requirements would be fulfilled by a single dedicated SIM. You no longer need to research about calling rates in individual countries for different VoIP apps.

Although the service is pretty amazing with various perks and benefits, paying €100 for 1 GB of data doesn’t work out as a seemingly beneficial proposition. But those who need the convenience of managing just a single point of communication system even when changing networks, this is a good deal. Plus, you get free messages and emojis along with internet independence. What more could you want?

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