Cheetah-Fastest Robot in the world surpassing records

Cheetah-Fastest Robot in the world surpassing records

Machines working on your commands have always been a great ambition among us human beings. Some 100 years back who knew that we would make this ambition come true. Robots are proof of our dream come true. These automated, command controlled mechanized versions of humans are the machine friends of human evolution. Until we see a day as shown in movie terminator where robots taking command over humans. These crafted pieces of machine artistry are making news every other day.Fastest Robot in the world.

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So is the designated fastest robot cheetah over Olympic champion Usain bolt. It’s speedier that its earlier speed record of 18 miles/h. Cheetah reached a peak of 28.8 miles/h for a 20 meter split. And therefore it shows that it has the capacity to outrun its human competitor bolt. Earlier it was speculated that cheetah could not out space the champion but with new set records the speculations have become affirmations about the capacity of this fastest robot.and its Fastest Robot in the world.

So how this faster robot can help us?

  • Cheetah is the work under DARPA’s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation program by Boston Dynamics.
  • The looks of it are not that defined and somewhat looks creepy but it definitely hold some machinery to make it outperform its own records and stand near the human fastest sprinter.
  • If this sets an example that what extent we can work to make such computerized system run fast it also proves to gain some potential benefits as its applications in the situations for deep need of speed as military missions and emergency responses.
  • The technology with cheetah is being used as pioneer to be used in future defense missions.
  • The robot may not be designed for rough terrain at present but DARPA is working towards prototype model that can be designed for such terrains.

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