Cool New Technologies Of  The  Modern World

Cool New Technologies Of The Modern World

Technology is the greatest tool which acts as an agent for modern world. The positive cool new Technologies are always breakthrough to our life. Each and every year number of cool innovation and new Technologies  are born to take our life into more comfortable and happy. Here’s the few list of top most cool new Technologies which are going to change the people lifestyle:


Cool New Technologies

Screenless Display

  • Body-Adaptable wearing electronics
  • Grid scale Electricity storage
  • Brain computer Interfaces

Screenless Display

Screenless Display

When the device is smaller in nature then it’s very difficult to interact with, for example no one like to type novel in the Smartphone. When the screen based display doesn’t provides clear opportunity to viewer then screenless displays will fill the gap. We already have full sized keyboards can be projected on the surface for customers can easily interact without concerning about fit in your pocket of cool new Technologies.
This screenless display will also achieved by projecting the images directly on the person’s retina display, not only avoiding the weighty hardware also it promises privacy for the people to interact with computers without sharing their view. This technology may allow the people by sending “visual” information directly to the brain by bypassing synaptic interface to the new Technologies

Body-adaptable wearing electronics

From Fitbit Wristband and Google glass, this wearable technology have seen enormous notices in the past years, with more number of existing systems or devices that helps to understand the peoples personal fitness and their health by regular monitoring of heart rate, exercise and sleeping patterns, etc cool new Technologies. So this sector fastly moving to the external wearables like clip on devices or wristband to “body adapted”.
These wearables are designed to adapt the human body’s shape at the place of deployement. Also these are very small and packed with some sort of sensor and feedback systems and it’s also more socially engaged and acceptable by users for cool new Technologies . These devices is includes earbuds, monitoring heart rate and tracking the GPS location with use of vibration alerts felt by feet movement.Cool New Technologies

Grid scale Electricity storage

Electricity cannot be stored directly, so electrical grid managers must constantly ensuring that overall power generated and fed into the grid stations is exactly matched by the consumers demand. Chemical energy like gas and coal must be stored in relatively large and higher quantities, making this grid management is relatively simple and easy one. However, fossil fuels also cause climate changes by releasing greenhouse gases, so most of the countries try to replace this carbon based generators with a clean energy mixing of renewable, solar and non other fossil fuels new Technologies
Clean energy sources most particularly wind and solar are highly intermittent in nature, instead of producing electricity with the required rate it generate uncontrollable quantities only when favorable weather conditions are allow. These clean energy totally dependent on favorable geography.Cool new Technologies  Graphene super capacitors are newly invented capacitors, may offer the extremely rapid number of charging and discharging for every thousand of cycles.Cool New Technologies

Brian computer interfaces

The ability to control your computer with your mind is the only way to get closer than you think about your computer. These brain computer interfaces means of reading the interpreted signals which directly comes from the brain. It is already achieved success for the people who affected by some of syndrome like cool new Technologies  or locked in syndrome who had a stroke in their body and can’t drink coffee from a cup by they can controlling the action of robotic arm with help of brain waves.Cool New Technologies

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