Determining the Death Time Is Now Possible – Deadline App

Determining the Death Time Is Now Possible – Deadline App


No one wants to die as what everyone wants is to live for many years and no one can determine the exact time and the day for ones death . But can you imagine that an mobile application can do all of this. By listening this that an mobile application can determine the time of your death seems to be quiet funny but let me tell you that it is really possible with the help of an mobile application called as the “DeadLine”. This app is available on iTunes for the iOS devices. This creepy app will only run on the iPhones and iPad Touch featuring iOS 8 or the higher versions after iOS 8.

Deadline App

This apps works on the principle that:-

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The Apple’s Healthkit tool helps you to improve on your lifestyle and on your daily habits and encourages you to have a healthy lifestyle by feeding all of your fitness and other health related data in one place, but do you know this data can determine the time of your death.

The information about your sleep patterns, blood pressure, height and the no. of steps you take in a day, all of this is stored in the Healthkit tool. Using this above data that has been fed by the user in the Healthkit tool and added to this some of the questions regarding your lifestyle are mixed up together and ultimately you are presented with a countdown clock displaying the no. of years days and months you will live.

But let me make something clear there is no such app or any other means which can help you determine the exact time and date when a person will die. The main reason behind this app is to encourage the people to improve the way in which they lead their life i.e to encourage the people to exercise regularly and have better life style choices and follow a proper diet plan to make themselves fit and healthy.

Last week it was Google also launched it’s fitness app similar to Apple’s Healthkit tool the Google fit. This app functions the same as the Apple’s Healthkit Tool. In the coming future we will see that the Google will connect it’s Google fit app with other 3rd party applications like Nike and Deadline App to include fitness trackers.

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