Did You Know, Your Android Phone Is A Tracking Device?

Did You Know, Your Android Phone Is A Tracking Device?

Apart from everything that a smartphone brought along (which a feature phone never had) there is one feature which is the most amazing, and it is- the GPS (Global Positioning System). Out of its several applications, GPS made it possible to track our phone, which was not at all possible before making it easier to recover your android device once lost or stolen and also it enables you to navigate very well through the harrowing city traffic or a camping trip. You need to have a google account first.

Android devices which are released after 2014, mostly have an inbuilt feature- Android Device Manager. A device manager keeps sending your device’s location to Google’s server. You can use Google interface to know the exact location of your device.

Enabling Android Device Manager

Follow this flowchart to enable the Device Manager

Go to ‘Settings’> tap ‘personal’> tap ‘security’> tap ‘Administration’> tap ‘Device administrators’> tap Android Device Manager> tap activate

Once you have enabled Android Device Manager, all you need to do is open a web browser and navigate to the dashboard of Android Device Manager and sign into your account. Click on the ‘Locate Device’ button and you would get the last known location.

In case you do not like Android Device Manager, you could always get other apps on playstore. Here are apps to name a few:


Look Out

Lookout is more than a device locating app and probably it would be too much to use for locating devices. Yet Lookout is a good option.



It is very similar to Android Device Manager and comes with the biggest advantage that it is available across platforms.

Once you have set your device as trackable, all you need to do is mount it to the person or object you want to track. You can mount your device with a magnetic car mount or you could mount it on the air vent on the dashboard of your car.

Note – Nothing could be as good as a GPS tracker. Although you could use your cell phone for that as a great improvisation.

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