How To Ensure You Get A Copier That Can Handle Your Workload

How To Ensure You Get A Copier That Can Handle Your Workload

It can be an overlooked item in the office, but it is very crucial when it comes to getting the job done. What is it? The photocopier machine! Inside any efficient and busy business, you can find a photocopier that can handle any workload and get it done quite quickly too. Now for businesses that may be looking for a copier or have a copy machine that they need to replace, there are a few things to look for when searching for a good photocopier. So, how does someone know that the copy machine they choose will be able to handle their workload? Before buying one, consider these tips.

When looking at copiers, an important feature would have to be whether or not it has duplexing abilities. Printing on both sides of the paper will help save money over time. Constantly printing on one side will quickly use up paper and that will become costly.  There is a variety of great quality photocopiers that offer high quality double sided printing from all the leading brands, including industry brand leader Toshiba.

Another feature to think about is if black and white or colour printing is needed for everyday use. For those who need copiers for promotional materials, colour printing is an important aspect. While colour photocopiers tend to be a bit slower and more expensive than those that only offer black and white, for those needing vibrant and sharp copies, investing in a top notch copier can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of flyers, brochures and any other coloured materials needed.  Black and white inkjet digital copy machines are less expensive and are generally used bythose who mostlyprint word documents.

Depending on the use, copiers may also need to be versatile in the size and weight of the paper to be used by the machine. It could be used to copy something as small as an index card to a mid-sized page from a book up tolegal sized paper. You should also consider if the copy machine can store enough paper to handle the daily workload. Having to constantly add more paper is a headache that can easily be avoided with the right machine. The Toshiba brand offers a variety of heavy duty machines that can handle light to high volume use.

Time is money and that is why there is a high demand for fast speeds when copying and printing. This isn’t just about the copy speed, busy businesses also don’t want to wait around for their machine to boot up and get warm. They want it to start immediately and be ready to go with virtually no warm up time needed. When you choose a reputable company to purchase your machine from, such as Busys Business Systems (read more about their inventory at, you will find a large variety of photocopiers with lightning fast start up times. Each machine will have a recommended amount of monthly usage, so pay attention to that and determine if it can withstand the amount of usage your business will require. It’s also a common fact that over time the photocopier will need servicing, so always ensure that you get a good warranty so when the time comes it doesn’t cost the business too much money.

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