Expand your iPhone Storage with These Top 5 Smart Option

Expand your iPhone Storage with These Top 5 Smart Option

The technology giant Apple has always been famous for its simplicity. But somehow this only gives some drawback to the users. One of the problems is to rely on fixed storage. If you need more space on your device, there is no way to increase it. The only option and way out of this are to upgrade to a more capacious iDevice.

With all the media data we fill onto our devices, filling up 16 GB is not much of an effort. And the very next thought that is in your mind is, either to delete the data to make some space for now or get the model with more storage capacity. These are the only two things people generally do. Do we have any other option to win the combat of the storage crunch?

Yes, we have some other options. Even though iPhone does not have expandable storage similar to other smartphones, there are some smart options which you can opt to expand your storage.

1. OTG Flash Drive

OTG Flash Drive

Though you can’t expand the internal storage capacity, but you can grow the external storage. This on-the-go flash drive works more as an external storage device for your device. Flash drive allows you to transfer and store your data to the hard drive directly.

2. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage has gained prominence as a preferred choice for storing data. It is easily accessible across various devices around the globe. You only need the right credentials to access the information.

Why put files on your hard disk and flash drives, when you can just store it all up on the cloud? Cloud storage does have limits but if you ever fall short of storage space, you can always buy some more space instead of buying a new device.

3. Cloud Storage Devices

Cloud Storage Devices

Here is another example of brilliant technology. If you need a lot of extra storage, you can build your own personal cloud. Yes, there are devices available with which you can create your own cloud storage and store you data. Some devices even let you store up to 4TB of data.

4. Wireless Hard Drives

Wireless Hard Drives

Wireless hard drives are a very good way to expand your external storage. If flash drives or cloud storage doesn’t seem safe to you, you can always go for a Wi-Fi enabled hard drive, which can keep your data safe. You can even carry it around, and make space on your device by transferring the data into hard drive whenever you need to.

5. Keep it at Home

Keep it at Home

This is the most simple and easiest way to always have a plenty of space on your device. Just give a proper time to time service to your iPhone. Keep the necessary files and data, which you need daily and just clean the unnecessary data from your phone.

This is a free and easy solution to your storage problem.

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