Facebook Messenger for Desktop Launched!

Facebook Messenger for Desktop Launched!

Facebook Messenger for Desktop

This shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. After all, with Facebook bringing out the web version for Whatsapp, the Facebook Messenger for Desktop was an obvious development. There have been a few so-called desktop versions in the past, but this time, the company has taken things to a whole new level with a dedicated messaging tool that is free from distractions which the web version is prone to.

The messenger can be accessed at messenger.com where people can chat with their friends and family from the web browser. As of now the service is available in English, but multiple language support is expected to follow soon. In order to access the messenger, it is important to have a Facebook account. The desktop version retains a lot of the features that you would find on the app, including voice calls. This could prove to be a major game changer for the company, not that it needs one at the moment.

Just like in Whatsapp for web, the desktop messenger has a notifications toggle button where you can turn desktop notifications on or off as per your preference. If you have used the whatsapp messaging application for the web, then this should not feel completely new. The layout is quite simple with the list of chat threats placed on the left and a large white chat interface placed on the right.

The messenger app is a great way to focus on messages without being distracted by the continuously updated home screen. However, the company does not have any plans to remove this from the core web service. It seems that the company is branching out in order to provide convenience at different levels to its users. Simply put, the web version of the messenger is just a blown up version of the app that you have on your smartphones.

Some time back, Facebook had detached the messenger from the app (for smartphones) where users had to install the messenger separately on their devices in order to allow easier integration of new features in the app. A good example of this is the new developer platform that lets outside parties build features for Messenger. Facebook’s initiatives somehow indicate that it has plans to create a cohesive environment where everyone can contribute to the creation of apps and features that can bring various benefits to the users.

Before actually arriving at a conclusion on the effectiveness and the convenience of usage for the desktop messenger, we would have to wait it out to see the reaction of the masses. This would help in getting a much more accurate understanding of this desktop variant.

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