What are the features of the right iPhone 5 armband Otterbox?

What are the features of the right iPhone 5 armband Otterbox?

Cellphone, ubiquitously is a major investment of this millennial generation and they know exactly how to create value from their investment. In this fast paced life, it is the tool that can expedite their efficiency and let them remain in contact with their peers, family and fellows. From the mere device, the Smartphones, now have a range of accessories that make them easy to use and facilitate the user. An armband has exactly the same purpose; it helps the user to protect the phone, avoid any incidental damage and to delay the regular wear and tear. Here is the list of features that you must be looking for in your iPhone 5 sports armband, if you want to optimize its use.

Sweat proof:

Isn’t it obvious that you will be wearing the armband in intensive workout session and you will be in sweats due to the effort? The first thing is that the armband must be sweat proof and should not let the sweat infiltrate into the phone, as the humidity can be really damaging to the IC of the phones. The sophisticated circuits can become dysfunctional with the little water penetration.

The storage for the Earphones:

One of the main reasons to keep the phone during exercise is to enjoy the music library and keep yourself entertained. This activity requires the earphones and you will have to carry them with you. Most of the smartphone armbands have the storage capacity for the earphones where you can put them when not in use. This is simply an extra advantage and you do not have to worry about your expensive earphones.

Solid casing VS the phone size:

Another distinction in the armband series is that some of them are the size of the phone while the others can adjust the Otterbox or any other solid casing along with the phone. Especially in the running and sports that require the twisting of hand, it is better to have double action protection. A solid casing acts as the second shield against any stress impact and provides maximum protection. The other thing is that if your armband cannot adjust the casing, you will have to remove it every now and then. Set your priority before making the purchase and you will be good to go.

And the last quick tip is that the best armband actually feels good on the wrist and ensures the minimal hindrance in your activity. Isn’t it your new exercise partner?

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