Galaxy Note 4:  Is Samsung giving Apple a tough competition in “pricing” too?

Galaxy Note 4: Is Samsung giving Apple a tough competition in “pricing” too?

Samsung feels too proud about its latest launch the note 4, with a 5.7 inch display, a patent of the Note family, Samsung vouches for its breakthrough in the display, a Quad HD super AMOLED screen that it uncovers for the users. Samsung with its innovative and utilitarian applications has always won hearts. With its products always creating a buzz and taking the smart phone market to a whole new level , users owe it to Samsung.

The Note series is always eyed on by the users who prudently evaluate the specs Samsung offers. With every time a whole new set of features savouring the users, the device always pumps up the market way before its launch. Here are some captivating specs for you to weigh the device.


The device running on Android 4.4 weighs just 176 g and is 153.5 X 78.6 X 8.5 mm in dimension. The design is a stereotype of the classic note series with rounded edges but a sleeker compact design. The brighter screen makes it look vibrant but does not hide the lack of change in design. A metal frame combined by a soft textured back panel gives the users an enjoyable experience of a damage resistant body and an elegant design.

The Display:

Definitely a stand out feature by which Samsung is going to bag buyers . With the ravishing Quad HD display of a 5.7 inches it clings to the class apart. A resolution of 2560 x1440 with the appropriate colour saturation is an appealing experience for the naked eye. It is optimised for long hours of browsing and e-booking without stressing the eye as a larger display blends with the best viewing experience.


Samsung provides users the most cherished edge of clicking their best moments even in the dark with its new SMART camera. Though not standing high on the pixels at a price that fits luxury, it does provide a fast autofocus (almost a must) and HD video recording . The 16 MP OIS back camera enhances the photo clicking experience. Selfies are set to be better with the “wide selfie mode” at 120 degrees provided by the 3.7 MP front camera. Crisply, more improvement does knock with competitors like HTC giving an epitome experience specially with the “selfies”.


Not only does the screen makes you want the device more but also the Quad and Octa core processor variants may be a fairly good reason. There stand two variants for the processor one being the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 2.7 GHz quad core processor and the other being a combination of two quads (1.3 GHz Cortex – A53 and 1.9GHz Cortex-A57) from Exynos. This alternative from Exynos is expected to hit the market soon.


A larger screen , an advanced camera, you are set to runout of memory quite fast. Whoa, a 32 GB internal memory does not facilitate that. Also with an expansion limit of 128 Gb with the micro SD card memory should not really be an issue. The 3GB RAM accelerates your processes and applications thus making you want to use the device more.


The huge device with a huge battery. Samsung announces a 3220 mAh battery that supports fast charging. Shortened charging time and an elongated use is owed to the fast charging feature which is for sure a potential drive for heavy users. Listen to music, capture amazing selfies , your phone is set to support all your needs. So with just 30 minutes in hand you can have at least 50% of battery which usually takes around 55 minutes. So plug-in, have a shower, suit up and your phone is ready for the day.

Along with the most important specs , there are yet another features that await attention . Here , we list a few.

Smart Select:

Select the texts from the big screen and put it all together and save . You are all set with the content you want. Prepare presentation notes or jot in some important points at one place , everything is as easy as you can ever want .

S Pen:

The stylus has now become a pen . With the improved design and pressure engineering it almost feels like a pen in hand . Also it gives you the best of digital handwriting experience .

Gestures and multitasking: The multi window feature favouring the use of multiple applications on the same screen is quite impressive. The finger scanner and gesture sensors make it all the more smart and also justify the price.

Photo Note:

Quite complementing its name, note 4 allows you to make your own notes. Take and edit notes, highlight them in different colours or make memos, this feature does not make you miss a point(if put to good use).


An impressive device, but with a price quite too high is a luxury for most. But for tech geeks and for people who mark class part standards with their gadgets it is a must have. With little but stupendous add ons Samsung has never disappointed its buyers. The screen , camera, processor are all a plus and there is absolutely no reason for people to not buy it. the price definitely holds a setback for users, who may wait for the price to lower so that it becomes a fair share.

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