Is Google Android 5.0 (Lime Pie) On The Way?

Is Google Android 5.0 (Lime Pie) On The Way?

Google Android 5.0

Did you happen to notice the Google’s official Twitter page lately? They posted a picture of which cheekily hinted at a new OS update for the Android operating system. The picture was that of “Google Now” which supposedly was about to introduce a new feature that would allow users to get their hands on World Cup scores and schedules via the intelligent personal assistant.

 Image Tweeted by Google

(Image Tweeted by Google)

Now if you look carefully, you will find that the time in all of the screenshots has been set to 5.0 which is not much of a coincidence if you know Google’s creative approach. Even this minute information is enough to get geeks and tech lovers going on and on about the possible features of the new OS and the possibility of Android 5 hitting the market in the near future.

Google Android 5.0 (Lime Pie)

The reason behind such buzz is the upcoming Developer’s Conference which would be held on 25th and 26th June. This is probably the biggest events based on Android and Google themes where developers get to introduce their products, innovations, upgrades and simply share the knowledge. With the rumors of a possible Android 5 circulating in the market, people would be on the lookout for specific hardware and software upgrades. It is also being expected that the news about the new OS could be revealed in this conference.

Check out the expectations that are being kept from Android 5.0

It’s All in the Name

Expectations from Android 5.0

It might seem to be an insignificant element, but the name of the new OS is something that everyone is looking forward to. As of now there is no indication that the company would follow its dessert based nomenclature for the new upgrade. Google has taken everyone by surprise with the previous OS version being named as KitKat.

If rumors were to be believed, then the upcoming OS could be called Lollipop which will obviously will not appeal to the masses. But it would be interesting to see the name that Google would come up with as some reports have suggested that the new name could begin with either M or L.

New OS = New Phones + Better Firmware

New OS New Phones Better FirmwareAs per tradition, the Nexus series would be the first handsets that would be receiving this upgrade. If we consider the supposed timing of the release, then it is highly probable that the Nexus tablet would be receiving the Android 5.0 update. Amongst the popular contenders, HTC is the one which has the highest chances of bringing this tablet to the market.

Having considered all the factors, we think that the tablet should come out in the market during mid-2014 which means that the production should ideally have started by now. There are countless possibilities of the introduction of the new OS in the market.

We can only wait and watch as the mystery unfolds. Speculations and market rumors will be going around, but you need to analyse every aspect before making any move.

Enhanced Voice Call Management

 Enhanced Voice Call Management

The current technology allows Google to separate home calls and mobile calls, but when it comes to differentiating between them during user’s command, Google faces considerable difficulty.

This is one possible area which could be addressed in the OS upgrade. It is important for call management to be enhanced as this is the key area where users might face problem which would eventually deter them from using the Android devices.

The “Fitness’ Approach

 Fitness based data android

The fitness rage is being seen on a massive scale these days with every company trying to integrate sensors on the devices that can work in tandem with their apps for delivering fitness based data. It is important from a health perspective as people have become too much dependent on technology for their work so manual efforts have decreased. By using this data, we can keep our fitness levels in check.

The recent announcement of iOS 8 had revealed that Apple was working on its health app which would use the sensors on the phone for capturing the information from the user and displaying it in the app. This is indeed a great way to promote fitness and health consciousness among people.

And considering Google’s expansive range of products and accessories, it won’t be a surprise if it manages to integrate Google Glass and SmartWatches with this technology. Who knows what the future holds for mobile devices?

Smarter Google Now

Smarter Google Now

Google now has definitely been a major USP for the Android platform where the company has tried to provide virtual assistance that is in line with the likes of Siri and S-Voice. The possible enhancement for this feature could be the inclusion of mobile payment facilities which would make it even more convenient for mobile users to make their payments and to manage their bills. These are expectations only and should not be confused for actual features for the OS.

Integrated Messaging – All for One & One for All

 Hangouts, Talk and Messenger

Google Babble – the all in one messaging / chatting solution! Yes, this is the probable feature that could find its way into Android 5.0. If executed properly, this would provide a viable consolidation of communication services such as Hangouts, Talk and Messenger, etc. This would be rather popular among teens who have an extremely active social life.

A Final Word!

Google Android 5.0 (Lime Pie) On The Way

With such preparations being made by rivals Apple and Google, it would be interesting to see who comes out on top. These updates are not minor additions, but entire changes to the working system and the user interface. All of the efforts are directed towards providing greater user convenience and facilitating easier operation of the mobile device. Google is playing hard to get with its indicative images and high probabilities of a new OS launch. Let’s see if Google is able to get a significant edge with its new update. What do you think?

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