90%  of Google Android SmartPhones , Apple iOS in Q4:IDC

90% of Google Android SmartPhones , Apple iOS in Q4:IDC

According to a recent survey, both Android powered smart phones and its arch rival Apple’s iPhone have put an inflection over the global market with a massive 91percent in the fourth quarter.

The research firm IDC found that in the last quarter, Apple’s iOS held 21 percent and the rest 70.1 percent of smart phones shipped used Google’s Android system or Google Android Smartphones.

In the words of IDC analyst Ramon Llamas, “The dominance of Android and Apple reached a new watermark in the fourth quarter.

Android Smart Phones

Over the entire year, both the platforms, Apple and Android covered 87.6 percent of the smart phone market making it difficult and challenging for the smaller players to break their supremacy.

Apple got this attention from its new iPhone5 and reduced prices of its older models whereas according to Llamas, “a broad selection of smart phones and an equally deep list of smart phones vendor partners” benefitted Android.

A total of 772 million smart phones were shipped last year, around 227 million units in the last quarter alone. The global market for smart phones, said the IDC, grew 46 percent last year.

Their report also highlighted the tough task ahead for other smart phone vendors like the Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone platform. There has been 150 percent growth in the fourth quarter year over year for the Windows phone platform especially with the launch of Windows phone 8 platform and newer smarter phone models from Nokia and HTC. Even after such a massive growth the platform covered only 2.6 percent of the market share in Q4.

Another IDC analyst Ryan Reith said, “With the recent introductions of two new smart phone platforms we expect some ground to be made by the new entrants over the coming years. There is no question the road ahead is uphill for both Microsoft and Blackberry, but history shows us consumers are open to change. Platform diversity is something not only the consumers have asked for, but also the operators.”

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