Google Brings Out Virtual Reality for Just $20

Google Brings Out Virtual Reality for Just $20

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets have generated a lot of buzz of the recent years, especially after Oculus brought made it mainstream. Other manufacturers like Samsung soon joined the race to come out with their own rendition of a better VR prototype. The case with Samsung’s VR gear is that you have to purchase a Note 4 to enjoy it. This is the same situation that has been happening for other companies as well.

Due to the complexity of the technology and the need to maintain a proper design, manufacturers were not able to reduce the price tag for this device. However, Google came up with its own Google Cardboard Project for coming out with a VR device that is not only extremely cheap, but it would be made available for all. And the best part is that this particular cardboard tool is compatible with all devices.

Virtual Reality

Google Brings Out Virtual Reality

As is pretty evident, the entire thing is made from cardboard with a few pieces comprising objects that you would find lying around the house. Consider this to be more of a DIY kit where you can make it yourself (with a little help from Google of course). Obviously, the cardboard would not work on its own. So Google will provide you with the necessary software (for your device) with which you would be able to run apps that are meant to be viewed with the help of this VR tool.

To take things further and to encourage developers to come up with innovative apps for this technology, Google has introduced new SDK for Unity as well as Android. This SDK would enable developers to create apps that are designed exclusively for the VR headsets. The Cardboard Project is an initiative to involve people in making their own recyclable headsets and use their own devices to experience VR at a price tag of just $20.

Yes, you read that line correctly. The headsets are indeed recyclable as they are made from cardboard. In a way, you would be contributing towards ecological conservation. It is also possible that the cardboard which you get is already recycled. Either way, you end up saving up trees and preventing damage to the eco-system.

The Cardboard App is already available in the play store along with several demos such as Google Earth flyby, a tour of Versailles, etc. You can even watch YouTube videos on a virtual massive screen with the help of the headsets. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The potential application of this technology is indeed massive and with Google reducing the price tag considerably, you could probably end up with a visual extravaganza for your eyes pretty soon.

If you do not wish to make the headsets yourself, then you can always buy them. But then, the price tag would range between $20 and $45. Considering the other options that you have, this is way cheaper and quite fun to use. As of now, the guidelines for making the headset are general in nature. However, Google has stated that it would be upload specific instructions to help users to create the headset in a better manner. Some of the instructions that you could expect are “How to cut using a blade”, “Using a laser cutter”, etc.

Google is known for its open source initiatives. With the Google Cardboard Project, the search engine giant has opened up opportunities in VR development with this open source project. Some of the main factors behind the growth prospects of this product is the versatility, user engagement and low cost. For all that its worth, this is definitely an investment that you should make and treat your eyes to mind-blowing visual experiences.

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