Google Glass Functionalities- Futuristic Technology In Your Eyes

Google Glass Functionalities- Futuristic Technology In Your Eyes

If you were much astonished by that self destructive spy eye glasses of Tom cruise in MI-2 that could deliver video message and destroy itself after the message received then it’s time to see that in real . Of course, it’s not going to self destruct but surely give you that much longed tom cruise experience that got you amazed in the movie. Google glass is making that serious move to hand you that amazing experience.

 Few years back as smart phones were the much making news in techno market, Google glass is making news with its consumer units to be launched by 2013 and public release is expected in 2014. It is a smart pair of glass with heads up display and a hidden battery inside the frame. Google has patented the design of project glass being developed by Google x lab. These glasses work just like your smart phones work in a hands free mode with its embedded camera, microphone and GPS. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and bone induction to produce vibrating sounds to skull to communicate by the inner ear are additional glass specification for Google Glass Functionalities..

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Photography, Google applications, video and voice commands are attractive features.

  • Voice commands work on voice activation texts, each text stands for particular feature. So when you say, “Ok glass, take the photo” the glass like your obedient jinni shoots for you. Although voice command feature is not so new with techy gadgets but with glasses it’s going to be pretty fancy.
  • Google applications as Google now and Google maps. Google now is an aspect of Google search application which delivers more relevant information and can recognize the repeated actions of the user. It uses a natural language user interface to delegate request to web services, answers questions and give recommendations. Google maps provide map based services and router planner for providing directions.
  • Video conferencing technology with the web cam. So if you are wearing Google glass you can carry your meetings along with you.

Let’s See the video – Usage

With all these amazing features the glass does stand competition of patent by giants as Microsoft and Apple.

The issue of interference in privacy and intrusion in privacy are of major concerns with these glasses. Legislations related to wearing of such glasses in countries as Russia and USSR countries are still not clear. How much would be safe driving while wearing glasses? These are some questions finding their answers.

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