Google Glass Hits the Market @ $1500 a Piece

Google Glass Hits the Market @ $1500 a Piece

Google GlassUntil recently, the famed Google Glass was only deemed to be a prototype and only the elite few were allowed access to it via a special testing program. But now the company has made it mainstream with the beta testing program being made available to the general public in the country. But this gadget comes at a price! A whopping $1500 a piece!

The Google Glass is an eyewear with a built in computer display, which has the ability to record but from a user’s perspective. This first person view has opened up a world of video recording opportunities for those who have the skills to play about with it. If you have been socially active, then the video made with the help of Google Glass must have surely caught your attention. It really opens up a new perspective to video recording angles and you can actually experience the first person view like it exists.

As of now, the only available model is the “Explorer Edition” and can be bought directly from Google as long as stocks are there. However, the company is in talks with Luxottica, a well-known eye gear manufacturer, for selling the glass on a commercial scale. One of the main reasons behind the selection of Luxottica as the dealer for the glass is the existence of a strong global retail network comprising over 7000 stores. The glasses are expected to be brought out into the retail spectrum for the North American region during the first quarter of 2015.

It was initially perceived that the product would only appeal to Tech aficionados, but it seems that the application of the device transcends age groups and social segmentations. Beta testing always provides new insights into the effectiveness of a device or application. With the expanded beta testing base, the company hopes to get more valuable insights into the product’s possible applications and improvements. However, the only concern as of now is the pricing of the product which could prove to be expensive for the general public. There are speculations that the components cost much less than what is being stated. But Google has confirmed that the costs are justified and every bit of technological integration is worth the investment.

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