Google Patents Another Technology – A Laptop-Smartphone Hybrid Device

Google Patents Another Technology – A Laptop-Smartphone Hybrid Device

Google Patents New Concept - Laptop with Built-In Smartphone

A Smartphone and laptop fusion isn’t exactly a new concept. Asus has achieved this feat in its Transformer line of products. This is a great innovation and really thins the boundaries between the portability of Smartphone usage and the advanced processing power of a laptop. In keeping with the progress that has been made in the world of technology today, such a fusion was expected. It was only a matter of time before it was perfected and that is what Google has achieved with its recent patent. This is truly an amazing device when compared to the latest gadgets of 2014.

Google seemed interested in the concept of a Smartphone-laptop fusion and with its latest patent, the IT giant has greatly improved upon the basic design. The patent [US patent 8,649,821] was given the green signal last February and the system design that was provided to the regulatory authorities indicates a laptop unit which works in tandem with a detachable Smartphone that is built into the system. Here is the design of the system.

Google's Patented Smartphone-Laptop Hybrid

The Structural Design for Google’s Patented Smartphone-Laptop Hybrid

It is evident from the image presented above that the laptop device would have a dedicated slot for the Smartphone. With this conceptual design, Google hopes to convince the target customers about the cost effectiveness of buying a hybrid device comprising the laptop and the Smartphone. Ideally, this should provide greater benefits than buying both components individually.

Prototype Concept Based on Google's Patented Design

A Possible Prototype Concept Based on Google’s Patented Design

Although there is no specification in the patent document about the software integration, but speculations indicate the possibility of using Chrome OS for the laptop and integrating it with Android OS for the Smartphone. Since both products belong to Google, there would be high compatibility between them. Both devices are capable of operating independently, but when they are used together, then the collective power of both the devices is enhanced considerably.

The symbiotic working relation between both devices includes the following scenario:

  • The laptop can access internet connectivity when portable access to the internet is required.
  • The Smartphone can also be used by the laptop to initiate and manage VOIP calls which is a feature that is brought about by the advanced network connectivity of Smartphones.
  • The Smartphone, however, can charge up by using the reserve energy from the laptop’s battery.

The patent describes the conceptual device as:

Aspects of the present invention relate to a notebook computer and cell phone assembly. The cell phone is used in conjunction with the computer for telecommunication applications, including inter alia Skype, Instant Messenger and video conferencing. In addition the cell phone detaches from the computer for use as a standalone handset in private quiet conversation.”

When the cell phone is attached to the notebook computer, incoming calls to the cell phone are detected by the computer, and the computer activates an indicator to notify a user of the call. The indicator may be inter alia a blinking LED or such other visual indicator or a ringing speaker or such other audio indicator, or both. Activation of the indicator occurs whether the computer is in the normal power mode, standby mode, hibernate mode, sleep mode, or turned off.”

This is still a concept as per the patent and it could take a while before we get to see a commercially viable prototype being developed by Google. Till then, the critics and tech experts would speculate on the probable prototype ideas.

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