Google Plans to Develop a Superb Next Gen “Micro-Console“ in Partnership with Razer

Google Plans to Develop a Superb Next Gen “Micro-Console“ in Partnership with Razer

Next Gen Micro Console GoogleWOAHH!! Guess what just hit the news. The two giants, Google and Razer, are teaming up to come up with a next gen micro console that would be compatible with the upcoming Android TV. This is probably the biggest news to date for the gaming industry. When these two behemoths join forces, you know the titanic proportions that the gameplay and console experience would be increased to.

Razer is already well known for its high-end gaming PCs, laptops and tablets. The new “micro-console” was announced recently by the company which would be working hand in hand with the search engine giant, Google which has already established a name for itself in the world of software and operating systems. This console would be used with the upcoming Android TV and it would also be endowed with a complete set of streaming capabilities. This is all that we know now.

While many “creative” individuals are trying to come up with possible designs and the look of the console, it is safe to say that they are rather far off from the reality. With a partnership of such magnitude, you can expect the console to be pretty awesome. Why are we so sure? For a start, Razer has proven itself with its ability to cram high-end graphics capability into a small form factor. This will give the new console the advantage of a smaller size but with much more features packed into it.

Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO has stated that, “This is a console of the future. Built on Google’s incredible Android TV platform, the Razer micro-console incorporates not only hardcore and casual gaming, but music, movies and other entertainment and social applications, all on an affordable system.” The company has also affirmed that this new console would be affordable so for all those who are tensed about your budget, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

The concept behind micro-console is that most people, who like games, are not so much into them and do not want to invest much for keeping themselves updated with the current consoles. They simply want an easy going console that is pretty convenient to manage. Such people prefer to have streaming capabilities in their consoles so that they may stream videos when they have had their share of gaming for the day. Google is expected to focus on slightly heavy features which would support advanced games along with streaming capabilities. This is where Razer plays an important role in bringing high quality graphics to the micro-console platform.

As of now, we are left with very few details. But do keep yourself updated with our posts. We will surely share more posts on the same when we are able to get our hands on “exclusive” information.

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