Google Will Reveal the New Android ‘M’ in its Upcoming Annual I/O Developers Conference

Google Will Reveal the New Android ‘M’ in its Upcoming Annual I/O Developers Conference

Android ‘M’

It seems that Google is on a roll with its mobile OS development. The company will be revealing the next version of its popular Android OS, the Android ‘M’, at the upcoming I/O developers conference which has been scheduled for 28th – 29th May. While no official statements have been made in this regard, there has been an ongoing suggestion about a scheduled session named ‘Android for Work Update’ which specifically mentioned Android M.

Considering the nomenclature pattern that Google has been using for the Android OS series, there is a high probability of Android M being revealed because the previous version was Android L (Lollypop). ‘M’ is the obvious successor of the letter ‘L’ in the English alphabet. This was pretty evident to the tech community which hooked onto every single piece of information which could back up the claim about the surfacing of a new Android OS. In order to keep things at bay, the schedule session post was removed and the remaining portion of the post described that the update would “bring the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces.

Android for Work Update

Source: Times of India

As reported in Times of India, Google might also bring out Voice Access (a service which enables users to access their Android devices through voice alone) and Proximity-based communication (a new technology for ‘discovering and communicating with nearby devices). These will be in addition to the unveiling of the new Android OS.

In just over 20 days, we could be witnessing another important milestone for Google as it launches its next version of the Android OS. What would be the design? Have any changes been made to the interface? What’s new in the Android M? We will get all the answers on 28th May as Google conducts its annual I/O developer’s conference.

In the meanwhile, check out this video explaining the “Android for Work” for developers.

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