Brace Yourself for Nova – Google Wireless Carrier Service in 2015

Brace Yourself for Nova – Google Wireless Carrier Service in 2015

Google Wireless Carrier Service

Google has recently partnered with Elon Musk for developing a space based internet network throughout the world. If this wasn’t enough for you to handle, then brace yourself for more groundbreaking news. The company has apparently decided to enter the telecom sector which would take Google Wireless Carrier Service to a whole new level.

When it comes to the internet, no one comes even close to the search engine giant, Google. In every phase of technological and digital communication implementation, Google has always maintained a huge stride and has beaten the competition on several occasions with its innovative offerings. Having conquered the global internet domain, the company wishes to reach for the stars, literally.

If reports were to be believed, then Google is planning on selling the mobile phone plans to the end customers directly without involving any third parties or intermediary entities in the process. Google will also be handling mobile data and voice calls directly. Can you imagine the state of the telecom industry if Google launches a dedicated wireless service under its umbrella?

As of now, the search engine giant is in talks with T-Mobile and Sprint for purchasing wholesale access of both of these carriers. This would not only give a properly established base network to Google for developing further, but it would also reduce the number of hurdles that it would have had to cross otherwise.

This initiative has been appropriately named “NOVA” which means “new” and is currently being led by Nick Fox. Not only would the company be able to come out with creative pricing for its telecom plans, but it would also be able to unleash the full potential of its smartphones, tablets and other devices. No specific details have been released by the company. However, the implementation of project NOVA would definitely compel other carriers to re-think their pricing in order to manage the competition in a safe manner.

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