Google’s Android One Program will Launch Its First Phone in October

Google’s Android One Program will Launch Its First Phone in October

While the Android One program may not have appealed to the majority of Americans, but it has definitely given hopes for over 5 billion users to experience and use Android based smartphones. This program, as described during the I/O conference, is designed to introduce affordable smartphones that would be brought to emerging markets. Google intends on putting an Android phone in the hands of as many people as possible. This is a good strategy to gain substantial market share while ensuring greater reliance on its android operating system.

As of now there is no confirmation on the brand that would get the honour of coming out with the first smartphone produced under the norms of the Android One program. But we are betting on Micromax to be the one who would come out with this sub-$100 smartphone. It seems that things are going to get hotter in October as this amazingly affordable smartphone becomes part of the offerings in emerging markets.

In terms of distribution and retail facilities, this smartphone could be made available at Flipkart which is currently one of the most popular online shopping portals in India. The company has had immense success with the Moto E, X and G and the sales have even outperformed regular retail sales in some cases. It seems that Flipkart is becoming the retail platform of choice for many new entrants. Even Xiaomi (Chinese smartphone manufacturer often referred to as the “Apple Inc.” of Chine) has preferred Flipkart’s service to sell its flagship phone, the Mi3, in the Indian market.

But it won’t be easy to bring this phone into India’s highly competitive market. A lot of exposure is required to generate adequate awareness about this phone. So Google has decided to step in to support the launch of the new phone. This is not just an emotional support or minor assistance, rather the search engine giant has decided to invest Rs 100 crore, which equals to a billion Rupees (or about 16.7 million USD to give the new smartphone a much needed boost as well as a successful product launch.

Speaking about the benefits of the Android One program, manufacturers will now be able to make budget smartphones with their own apps. Even though it may not be a fully Android based phone, he near-stock experience and software support will definitely give it the feel of Android devices and more importantly, the device would also require minimal efforts to keep it updated. With the integration of Google’s services, the new smartphone would be updated directly from Google in a similar fashion to Google Play Edition and Nexus programs.

While no official confirmation has been received from the company regarding the exact date of release for the phone, but the time frame that is being claimed is reasonable enough. We can only wait till some official statement is declared by the company. But whenever the smartphone is launched, it is surely going to create some ripples in the market.

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