Google’s Google Now Beats Apple’s Siri Hands Down

Google’s Google Now Beats Apple’s Siri Hands Down

Ever since Siri was introduced by Apple, people have been looking forward to better renditions of virtual personal assistant apps for smartphones, especially for the Android platform. Google hasn’t disappointed its customers’ expectations. It had been working on its own personal assistant app (you would find it in your android phone already) with the current advancements ensuring that it overtakes Siri.

What is the App All About?

The app primarily serves as a personal assistant to you where you need to provide vocal commands to the app for searching content (using Google’s search engine), setting reminders, creating alerts, sending texts, calling up a particular contact and getting numerous information through cards. On the Nexus 5 and most Android devices, the app usually runs in the background with “Google Now” being accessible by the user for giving voice commands.

How Does It Work?

When the app is launched, it gets ready to accept your commands. But simply saying the commands would not get it to work. You need to say the magic words – “OK Google!” The moment you say these words, the app will get ready to accept your command and would even assist you by asking questions so that your query is fine tuned for turning out better results.

Why Does Google Now Have Leverage Over Siri?

Siri is rather popular with iPhone users and it has also gained the interest of smartphone users in general. But the one thing that lacks in Siri is lack of adequate adaptation to accents and lingual differences. Google Now provides better voice recognition and due to this improvement, the app is able to deliver faster searches. This greatly reduces the need for manually typing the search queries in the phone.

Moreover, the “cards” provide convenient viewing of relevant information such as weather updates, reminders or alerts without having to go through a list of stuff to read. With Google Now, you can also get information on traffic, nearby restaurants or ATMs, and directions (with the help of Google Maps). It can even check your flight status if the required information is located somewhere in your Gmail account.

Future Prospects

Google is definitely incorporating a lot of technologies in its Google Now app for providing one of the best personal assistant experience ever. The convenient usage of cards and the extent of information that can be obtained using the app is simply amazing. At this rate, the search engine giant could very come up with the kind of virtual assistants that are shown in sci-fi movies. Ongoing research in communication technologies and advancements in various system concepts are indeed opening up a future of limitless possibilities.

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